My First “Feel Unique” Order

I did a bad thing…There was a 50% off sale on some items on Feel Unique. And boy, do I love a sale! It was Boxing Day, and I was in my pyjamas, with a bit of Christmas money burning a whole in my pocket. So I scrolled through the first couple of pages. And a couple more…and then before I knew it 6 items were in my basket…does that ever happen to you?

So then my logical brain kicked into gear, and I saw if I could get it cheaper anywhere else. I  saw that a couple of items were cheaper in duty free, and I will be going on holiday at the end of the month, so they were removed. CLICK.

I then though long and hard about the other item and it would definitely have to be put on hold before I swatch it on my skin. I needed to feel the texture to see if it was something i could justify spending the money on it. So that was removed. CLICK.

But then there were three…

And thank you Mr. Post Man for starting my day off very well!! All three of these items made it past the guilt tripping side of my brain as they were BARGAINS! 

The Bare Mineral Bare Skin foundation I had been eying up since I did my friends makeup and she asked me to use her foundation. And believe me…it was love at first sight! I will definitely be reviewing this in the future!

The NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick was a cheaper alternative to trying out the popular Jeffrey Starr ones. I was unsure whether I liked the concept of them. So I thought I’d try a cheaper alternative before I splash out, unknown whether I even like the goddam things! Logical brain won. 

And the STAR of the show! The Givenchy Ombrรฉ Couture Cream Eyeshadow! I love a cream eyeshadow, and this was HALF PRICE!!! I have spent more on high street cream eyeshadow! So that was going in without question!!
Reviews of these products will be coming up!! So keep a lookout!

Thanks for reading!


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