FIRST IMPRESSION| Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette (w/ Swatches)

So this beauty arrived. I had a horrendous hospital appointment, and felt this was the perfect pick me up. I was going to get this eventually and had the money saved, so thought as a cheer me up device, I would treat myself a little earlier. I mean just look at the packaging!! There are freaking crystals. Rainbow crystals…. need I say more? Well just a little. It is very sturdy. It feels nice to hold, and almost makes it worth the money. Knowing it is in a nice box. Surely this makes sense to you too!? Buying something that as a bonus, is nice to hold does make it worthwhile…at least to me! 

Eeeeeeek!! Look at those pretty colours!! Those beautiful…virgin “no fingerprint” colours… Yes, I couldn’t wait to get my grubby mitts all in that glittery goodness! My favourite colour to look at is Calavera…you know, the bright yellow pan of joy that is so rich I could weep. But the colours I can’t wait to wear on my eyes are definitely Warning, Seize and Jones. And Iced. And Metamorphosis! Ok yes…all of them…I admit it!

BAAAM!! Swatches!! No primer. Nothing. Just pure, saturated…lushness! The texture of the pearl finishes is like butter. It gathers a little residue, but if packed onto a base, I cannot imagine it falling a great deal, as it will have something to adhere to. The matte ones pack a punch. Believe me. Where Calavera and Blindsided were? Stained. I have this magical bruise looking stain on my arm!

I am love how the they are all in a trio layout. Suggesting that maybe there is a love triangle that mingle well together, but also we can make friends with other ones too! Make it a love square…heptagon even! But the layout is so satisfying to look at! Dreamy…

I am going to write loads of looks of all the colours and how they all look! And will update how well the blend together etc. But in terms of my first impression! This is complete!
Thank you! 

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