Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Look #1 | Midnight Blaze, Calavera, Goldmine.

I love yellow. It is my favourite colour. But sadly, with my yellow undertones in my skin, if I wear yellow it makes me look almost jaundiced. But I love it so much! So I thought I’d create a little more “golden” yellow look. Which would be perfect for a night out.

I started marking out a rounded crease, using the Midnight Blaze colour. When the gold sparkles, which don’t stay put entirely, it is a very deep khaki colour. Which blends perfect with the (yellow…ahem)… I then added the Calavera over the remaining lid shade. I have a very undefinied, hooded crease. So have little lid space when my crease folds over the lid. Blending slightly into the crease, to make the Midnight Blaze turn ochre with the yellow. Then on the centre portion of the lid I packed Goldmine to create a highlight. Making my lid space look larger and also brightening the darkness in the look. I then bought Midnight Blaze with a pencil brush, under my eyes, stopping where my iris begins. Then adding Cavalera to the middle third of my undereye. And finally, gold mine, to brighten the look even more!

With a final blend around the outer corner to the under eye… I added a black eyeliner into half of my waterline. Then curled my eyelashes and added mascara! You can jazz it up with eyelashes, but I chose to not, as the look was heavy enough. 
I hope you enjoyed the first of many of my Full Spectrum Palette looks! 

Thank you for reading!


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