FULL REVIEW | BareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation (Bare Porcelain 01)

First time I tried this foundation was on a friend, who wanted a foundation demonstration from me and she bought her foundation with her. It was this one. With the funky brush. And I applied it to her skin, and the radiance it gave her made me mentally note this on my “to purchase” list. 

So a year passed and for one reason or another it remained on the list and I just had other things I needed so makeup, especially high end makeup, became lower down on my priorities. But then after Christmas I was perusing the January Sales and saw this, for a much lower price than I had seen everywhere else. So…it would have been rude not to! 

This is how my skin looked before I applied anything on my face, and after I washed it.

I got the lightest shade, because I am paper white. And was pleased that the packaging gave the impression that the foundation was super pale. So when I shook it properly and then when I squeezed on the back of my hand, I was a little surprised how dark it was when it was supposed to be “Porcelain”. Nevertheless, I worked it into the skin. It has a less visible coverage, so the shade did merge with my own skin tone and didn’t look hideously dark for me. The picture below is layer one.

It was a good coverage, for how light it felt on the skin. It felt very comfortable for my skin. You can see around my mouth my eczema was flaring up and I had a lovely pimple!! Perfect time for coverage testing. I wanted to see how buildable it was so applied another, thinner layer, on the areas I felt needed a little added coverage…ahem…pimple.

You can see that it blurred them a little more. So all in all I would say this foundation is Light-Buildable to Medium coverage. It is one of the most comfortable and natural foundations I own! And would be perfect in the summer or warmer climates! Due to its sheerness, if the colour looks a little off to your usual colouring, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it. I found once it settled and was stippled this into my skin with my Morphe M442 brush, it became pale enough and didn’t look too different to my complexion. It has no major undertone, at least not in my shade, so gives my skin a neutral beige finish. And my undertone is Warm/Yellow based. The longevity of this base isn’t the best if you don’t powder it. It breaks up around my nose and over my eczema. However I used my Kiko Radiance Fusion Baked Powder in 01 and it lasted lovely on my face. A solid 7 hours. And this powder didn’t mask the glow I got from the foundation, it just enhanced it! 
All in all, I started off disappointed with the shade choice and how dark the lightest shade was. But now I have used it a few times and worked with it properly, I am actually a big fan of this. It feels so weightless on my skin and when worn with a little concealer, gives you a perfectly even “skin like” texture. It makes me just look like my skin is perfect (WHICH IT ISN’T)! Would recommend it to anyone with a dry skin tone. I feel for oily skin tones it is a little too glowy, and has an oily, moisturising texture to it. Which is great for my excema prone skin!  But I think it might slide off an oilier complexion!
I am rather chuffed that I finally have this baby in my collection. And can’t wait to use it as it gets warmer!
Let me know if I coaxed you into purchasing this! I will take the guilt!
Thank you for reading! 

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