Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Look #2 | Minx, Blindsided, Metamorphosis, Bump

Blue is that colour everyone should steer clear from. Or so a lot of people say. But I have green eyes, and I actually find that my green eyes look greener and pop more when I wear blue. Whether it is just a navy eyeliner…or a dramatic cut crease…ahem.

I started with a base. The one of choice this time was NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. I blended it with the warmth of my finger. With a pencil brush, I then marked out where the crease would be, with Minx. I then built it up blending with a fluffy brush to make the colour more saturated. It didn’t take too long, as it is extremely pigmented!  I then blended the shade Metamorphosis , with the already slightly dirty brush from the Minx colour, around the crease still leaving the inner two thirds bare. And this was to create a nice soft blend around the outside. Then with a liner brush, I started to line the upper lash line with the Blindsided colour and blended it with a fluffy brush into the cut crease. Still leaving a nice defined line in the crease. Then with the remains of all three colours I blended all around the outside of the look. I then went with the pencil brush with a gradient from outer to inner with Minx and Blindsided. Finally I packed Bump into the inner two thirds of the lid, to brighten the look. And then finally the inner third of the lower lash line. And taa daa!! 
Let me know if you try this look, or if you use a similar combination of colours in a different way!
Thank you for reading!! 

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