Duty Free/Madrid Makeup Haul 

I love a good bargain. and it just so happens that in Madrid…the cosmetics sales were freaking awesome! And the euro exchange rate were brilliant! So the following items I purchased, received as a gift or bought for an extremely good deal!! I was rather chuffed!

DUTY FREE – I had seen the Mac Strobe Highlight Powder a few times and swatched it each time and this time, I thought…I’m going to be 21, and I want to have a duochrome champagne/pink highlight all over my face!! And then in the super sale stuff…there it was. Urban Decay Afterglow in Bittersweet. Do I really want to wear a purple blush…yes. Yes I do. So in the basket it went. 

NYX- NYX is so cheap in Madrid! And the whole shop was  30% off!  So I got three liquid lipsticks for €15. But it was genuinely like an emergency supply hunt before a flood or storm. The girls were ANIMALS! Fighting, screaming, pulling hair. Just over sodding lipgloss. I squeezed myself in to get the ones I knew I liked. And within seconds of turning around I was pushed out and another 3 girls fought over my place. At the time it was scary! I’m not good in crowds. But bloody hell looking back at it it’s hilarious! Those girls were pathetically feuding over lipstick! And the rest of the shop? Dead. No one was occupying the eyes or the face products. Just flipping lipsticks! But seriously…the metallic one. Mmmm! 

SEPHORA- I had always seen people rave about liquid lipsticks. And after my NYX Suede one…I couldn’t resist! And the Sephora ones always came highly recommended. I like how some of the on trend shades are grey toned. And so…wanted to try them out! And then my sister told me she wanted to get me something else for my birthday. So bought my the BANG Urban Decay Afterglow blush as she knew it was the one that was out of stock in Duty Free. Which was sweet of her.

FLOMAR- Flomar is like…on par with NYX and it is beautiful! And I have bought a few products from them before. But nothing appealed to me…until I saw the clearance. The the sparkliest of sparkly lip glosses stared at me. Last one. 2€…and before I knew it I hpwas handed the receipt and had another babe added to my collection!

KIKO- The quality of every Kiko product I own has blown me away, especially for the price! It is just beautiful! And they had a massive sale on. But every piece that attracted me was out of stock. But I came across the gem of a blush that was so velvety and pigmented that I didn’t care how much it was. It was too beautiful. But it was 5€…so…sealed the deal!
They were all my purchases. And I think I must have saved more than I spent from the sales!! And I got so much stuff!! I was super chuffed! Any product recommendations? Leave them below…be a bad influence!! Spend my money!! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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