Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Look #3 | Platonic, Alchemy, Gossip, Paranoia, Bump

When I first got into makeup the term “bruisey makeup” made me think nooooo, I don’t want to look like that. But the redder the shades, the warmer they are, I feel the most confident. Shades that make my eyes look greener. Those are the shades that I like. And this look. Is all kinds of wonderful to me.

I started with the shade Platonic, and flicked it up to smoke out my lower lashline. I then blended with the brush that came with this palette with the shade Alchemy to give it that purple hue over the black. I then buildmthatbshade up until I had a lovely smooth gradient. And then built up the shade Gossip to brighten the look. And then built it up so the gradient ended with a hot hot pink!! And then blended the Paranoia shade to soften all of the harsh edges. And to give the look a faded gradient throughout. I then applied the Alchemy shade under my eyes. And mixed the Paranoia shade with Bump to create an iced pink shade to highlight my inner corner! I curled my eyelashes. Added mascara. Then the look was complete!!

This palette is simply devine. And I recommend anyone into colour, to purchase it. It has everything you may need! Well worth the investment!! Urban Decay. Well done you.
Thank you for reading! 

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