FULL REVIEW | Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush (Bittersweet and Bang)

I am a lover of bright colours. The colours that are unique, stand out and look like no human should be able to wear that. It wouldn’t look natural…puts item in basket without looking like she might be in fact losing her mind…ahem. Purple blush!!! Bright red blush!!! No surely not.


Look at those beauties! The pigment is so finely milled and yet packs the most incredible punch of colour, you can finally have a statement blush rather than just statement eye and lip! I am a huge blush lover, and having chubby cheeks, anything that means they are looking at colour over my face and not at my milky white chub! It’s a major bonus!

The packaging of these products are lush. They look very urban chic. Duh, it’s URBAN Decay. The impression that I get makes me think I’m looking down a drain or a grid. Not in a bad gross way. But I’m actually looking down on a very brightly covered river. The river being the blush. It’s really lovely!

The pigmentation speaks for themselves! This was done with a single finger swatch. 

The name “Bang” couldn’t be better suited! It actually stained my skin. I went to remove it with a wipe and was left with the red stripe, faint might I add. But still there! Very impressed as my blush is normally the test of how well my makeup stays. It is also my favourite part of my makeup. And the fact it goes first…makes me gutted when I’m not half way through my day and oh look, chub is back! It is the perfect (just rushed to work) I’m a little be flushed sort of shade. It actually looks like the most perfect colour to be a natural blush. When applied light handed of course! But I have pale skin and on me it works, so I imagine ANY skin tone can wear this!

Bittersweet was unexpected. I am actually a lot happier that on the face it looks a lot warmer than bam, VIOLET! It is like a beautiful heather colour. It is devine. And unlike any product that I have in my collection! It has a blueness to it, which brightens and lifts my complexion without needing a highlighter! It makes me look energized! And makes the whites of my eyes brighter. It is lush!!

Over the moon with these products!! If I knew I would be this I pressed I wouldn’t have just bought these two, especially at their duty free sale making them £15 a pop!! Rather than 29€!! 

I’d love to know if you have these and what you think, or if you recommend any other shades from this line!!
Thanks for reading!

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