First Impression | Too Faced “The Power Of Makeup” Palette

So it was the weekend of my 21st birthday, and my friend came round to see me before I jetted off to Madrid. And he asked me to open my present before so he could take a picture. Well, I was most confused. So I opened it. And it was this. Not only was it limited edition but was sold out EVERYWHERE. So I really didn’t expect this one bit. His wife is a huge makeup addict, like myself, and I knew she had it and saw it in person and was in love. But knew it was impossible to have one as my own. And low and behold….this beauty:

Isn’t that just all kinds of beautiful!! The colour selection is perfect for any eye colour as I have green eyes, and all shades would be lovely,  up my friend has the loveliest brown eyes and all colours look divine on her!! Certainly the most versatile palette. You can go everyday glamour, sultry date look or creatively colourful!! The fact there is a peach and a pink blush means that whatever spectrum the look is, you don’t need to use other products, you literally have everything! Except…eyeliner…and mascara…?

Oh wait!! You mean to tell me it comes with all of this TOO!!! I was so overwhelmed with kindness and thought of my friends that I did nearly weep!! I’d never had friends that do that for me until recently, that when they did this for me I was so emotional. No…not over sparkly things…(maybe a little)…but over the whole effort they made for my 21st birthday! 

I had a little play with them. The pigment Glitteraly was absolutely stunning!! I literally can’t wait to play with it! And the eyeliner. I drew a little heart on my arm. 2 showers later, it was still faintly there! Incredibly impressed!! I can’t wait to try the mascara, especially as purple will enhance my green eyes, and I’ve heard an awful lot about the Shadow Insurance, so look forward to using this!

Swatch time!! The quality of the pigmentation were absolutely divine. Buttery is the word the comes to mind! Take a look…need I say more?

They Eyeshadows were absolutely gorgeous. Sugar Coated, Frosted Yum and Irresistible have a slightly gritty texture, similar to a pressed pigment. So fall out is inevitable, but the pay off of them is sublime! The Swatches are done with no primer, might I add. Wanted, the black, holy moly. It is bloody potent!! One swipe and BAM instant darkness. To the point where it stained my arm for the rest of the day!! Incredible!! Mystic Hour and Wham Bam are velvety in texture. Definitely more of a typical eyeshadow texture, over the pigment texture. And Wham Bam is a rather apt description of them both. Super pigmented with a lovely subtle duochrome of a lighter sister shade to them! Just lovely!

I already have been blessed to have the full size chocolate soleil and absolutely love it!! So when there was an extra pan of it, I was rather pleased, as it is probably my favourite bronzer! The blushes had a lovely satin texture. She they weren’t in your face shimmery but not matte like the bronzer. The highlighter had a slight film over the Powder. So I had to swatch relitively hard to get pay off. But it did have the subtle icy pink shimmer. Which would be perfect for everyday highlight rather than a mega “tin man” inspired highlight. 

All in all, what an absolutely gorgeous palette!! You have literally everything. And the amount of looks that will transition you from day to night effortlessly, is wonderful! I am overjoyed to have this in my collection. And stay tuned for looks using this look!

Thank you Anna and Andrew for my lovely present. You guys are extremely naughty!! 

Thanks for reading!


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