Beauty Bay Haul | 12/03/17

So I was having a really bad week. Feeling very low and flat. Negative, that’s the word. And felt like I needed a little bit of a pick me up. And oh did it do the trick. And gradually the week got better and then when this baby arrived then it just topped off a better mood all together. 

If anyone here knows me…they know of my yellow obsession. I feel like just seeing that colour gives you an instant boost of positivity and fuzzy feelings. It resmbles brightness and change. Plus it is so purdy. So when I saw they did the Z Palette (which I was in need of anyway) in a yellow. It just so happened to jump in my basket (hate it when that happens…).-

I am also getting really into the Liquid lipsticks at the minute, especially the metallic ones. And I realised I hadn’t tried anything from Gerard Cosmetics yet! So JUMP. And he colours are absolutely TO DIE FOR!! I got Double Shot (a metallic bronze/gold/mocha colour) and Underworld (violet/magenta colour)

I am also really loving Morphe brushes and read that the M441 is brilliant for hooded eyes as it gets deep into the crease and blends effortlessly. And also saw a larger pencil brush as I do love a heavily smokey lower lash line! Plus for the quality, they are cheap as chips! Highly recommend them!

Makeup Geek. Yes I’m a little behind. But was gutted that they didn’t have Cocoa Bear available as I am IN LOVE! But a couple other shades caught me eye. The foiled eyeshadow in Legend resembled a discontinued MAC Eyeshadow, Romp. But it looks like the metallics will be far greater with this one, which I am ALL about! And then I looked at the general range, I ordered a couple that I had also wanted to try. Preppy and Desert Sands which have a mustard/ochre hue to them! No longer a Makeup Geek virgin!! Can’t wait to try them!

No doubt reviews will be given for ALL of these products. Do any of you make accidental purchases of items that “jump in your basket”. Can’t be the only one haha.

Thank you for reading! 

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