FULL REVIEW | Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

I had been wanting to try this for ages. Especially when Nic/Sam from Pixiwoo mentioned that it is there favourite base to apply foundation on, for dry skin! And my skin is pretty dry and find some primers are good for pore minimising but my dry patches still like to shine through! Not a good luck…crusty…unfortunately.

I say. Rather swish packaging if I do say so myself. Feels very medicinal and makes me look like I know what I’m talking about with all that French (I DONT!!)! I like how you will literally be able to squeeze everything out, with no waste! Very ergonomic!

The texture is lovely. Very light and cooling for the skin. And as it sets it goes a little tacky! As though your foundation will have something to adhere to! It kind of soaks into the skin really well, and it really makes my skin feel super soft. I suffer from eczema so need a moisture barrier before my foundation. 

I wasn’t expected it to erase my pores, but around my cheeks and centre of my nose, it did a pretty good job. This is what I look like with no makeup (AAAAH). And you can see if just gives me a solid base to then paint my foundation on! 

I am incredibly impressed and well worth the money spent. It was around Β£20 but for the amount you get and the ergonomic packaging, I think it is very justified. I will certainly repurchase. It just makes me love all my foundations. I’ve not had a problem with any of them since. And my skin feels so much smoother and less flakey! I urge any woman that suffers from eczema prone skin to give this a whirl!!

Thank you for reading!

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