Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Look #6 |Warning, Seize, Jones, Calavera, Goldmine, Bump

I started the look by applying a base, this time I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance! I then packed Seize on the inner third and outer third of the eyelid. Then I blended the colour our and moved it into the crease. I then packed the Jones in the middle portion of the eye. I found this colour wasn’t quite as pigmented as I liked, so I then applied Goldmine in the very centre of it. And that made the undertones in Jones really pop! I the. Added a little bit of Warning just in the outer V just to deepen it a little! I then with a mix of Seize and Calavera blended out my crease so it faded into a hint of yellow. I then added Bump on my brow bone and inner corner. Finally I added a thin line of my Two Faced Sketch marker and a coat of my Maybelline Lash Sensational! And my look was completed!

I actually wore this look out to a bar when I went for a night with my work colleagues. And got many compliments. I feel comfortable enough to wear bright colours now. They make me happy! So even if they look out of place, who cares! I like them! Embrace colour, ALWAYS! 

Thank you for reading! 

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