Beauty Bay Haul | 1/04/17

I had a really good week of work, and had a few spare pennies. And with everything coming up including an operation, I felt like, screw it. I might as well be anxious with killer eyeshadow on. Am I right! Going in for my operation with a my lip stick so immaculate, that I can’t even be remotely nervous! When deep down I’m thinking, pffft what a waste of a good lip stick day!

I was so immensely impressed with the quality of my makeup geek eyeshadows that I felt like the three I had in my Z Palette, needed some more friends! They looked so lonely! I was HEAVILY influened by my friends who said that Poppy was an amazing eyeshadow and that she really wanted Chickadee! So I knew they were a must on the list. I also really wanted to try a Cocoa Bear as it is the most perfect warm brown which would be wonderful as a smudgey lower lash line! And I really wanted a muted deep matte green. Introducing Dirty Martini (what a wonderful name!). As I saw my friend use it with ochre tones and already having ochre tones made me want to try it out!!

I was so chuffed with the quality of the LA Pro Conceal Concealer but felt like it was a little pink toned for me. And saw they did a pale yellow. And it was only £4 with an offer! So really wanted to try it out!

I finally did it!! After looking at Jeffree Stars makeup line for AGES!! I caved. I finally could afford giving them a whirl! PLUS my friend informed me that if you order from beauty Bay at the minute, you get a free Skin Frost. In the most gorgeous warm gold shade! I wouldn’t wear it as a highlight but as a blush, YES!!! So I bought three of the Liquid Lipsticks. I knew, since seeing the Christmas Line that I NEEDED Pumpkin Pie (which I didn’t realise has a hint of glitter in and it made my day)! I then got Androdgeny as it looked like the perfect deep nude, which I love to rock whenever I can! I then got Masochist. I have been searching for the perfect Strawberry Pink/Red for AGES and I think I may have found it. All will be revealed when I try it! But yes…pretty made up with my purchases of those babies!

Finally. Morphe Brushes. Cannot fault the quality of them. And I wanted some little smudgey liner brushes. And another brow brush. So I spent a whole £2 on each of them. I know….I’m so reckless. 

So these were my little gems that are now sitting in my makeumdrawers. Feeling pretty darn chuffed and a little bit smug with my pretty Z Palette…I’m so sad haha.

Thank you for reading!! 


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