Mac Lipstick Swatch/Review #2 | Creme In Your Coffee

This was another of my first Mac Lipsticks. I love a deep brown lip. I think as I have full lips it’s quite flattering and it can look classy and vintage to any eye look. But it’s not so dark that you end up unable to focus on which part of your face is the statement. It is a rose based brown. Probably two shades darker than Patisserie! But it is gorgeous. I love it in the winter motths when you just want that added warmth. Worn with a plum blush or rose gold eyeshadow!! It just finishes the look!! It has an air of vintage Hollywood glamour to it!! It is a Cream Sheen formula which means it has a tackiness to it that leaves your lips feeling super soft and moisturised. The tackiness also means the colour stays on your lips that little bit longer! One of my favourite formulas when I’m not craving a matte lip!!

Definitely a lipstick to suit every skin tone due to its neutral undertones! Let me know if you too have this 

Thank you for reading!!


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