FULL REVIEW| MAC Soft Serve Eyeshadow| Bounce Around, Girls, Girls, Girls, So So Saucy, Softened Up

The first time I saw the stand for these I was in Birmingham. I just saw this taupe cream Eyeshadow…but the silver/lavender sparkle enticed me into a closer look. Th texture was so smooth, and the glitter was a clear factor of it. I turned it over, “Bounce Around” what the most adorable name!! So I went to the counter and had my first of the collection!!

When I first tried it I was sold!! It was such a striking base for applying eyeshadows such as Satin Taupe, Shale, which I had in my collection. I did a longevity test the one day.  So I applied this base, alone with nothing else and went about my errands. When I got back I was astounded that it had not only stayed put, but without a crease! Only thing was had dispersed was the glitter. And I did indeed have fall out of glitter on my cheeks. But it didn’t really bother me. I rocked my unicorn freckles!!

For some reason the array of colours reminds me of macaroons!! But look how pretty they are!! You can see from the Swatches below that they are a sheer consistency. But they do provide a gorgeous sparkly base to then apply your eyeshadow. And the eyeshadows adhere to the base so beautifully!! You can wear them on their own for a subtle wash of colour. But if you are looking for a longwearing base to transform a look from day to night!! Give them a look!! They would be perfect to wear to the office for your natural day makeup but then all you would have to do is top your look up with an eyeshadow, a flash of mascara, top up your blush and apply your lippy. Done. Day to night. And they are so compact you can take them to work! 

As you can see from the picture below, they are rather sheer. But as a base, that works wonderfully as the colour of the eyeshadows are true! They are buildable but I thought I would show you the one swipe pay off. But You can add a couple more layers and you get a great pigmented base! But they do provide an excellent base for eyeshadows with a corresponding colour!! Bounce Around is a taupe shade, but has a lovely silver/lilac duo chrome! Softened Up is a true bronze shade, and is the most pigmented of them all! So, So Saucy is the sheerest of them all,  but is a wonderful peach shade with a gold duo chrome! And Girls, Girls, Girls is a lovely cool toned pink, but a white/silver sparkle to it!! They are just lovely!

Well I thought I’d show you how excellent they are used as bases, so here are the looks I created with them!! You can see that they are just divine! I tried to use colours that corresponded with their true colour. 

So all in all, of you like sparkles, and if you like glitter, then these are the bases for you!! They have many other colours, but these are the ones I have. I would urge you guys to buy them as they are to die for!! One of my favourite bases I own. They can just give you a simple wash of shimmer, or you can get a statement eye look! All just with one magical pot of joy!!


I’d love to know what you guys think of these. The green one still appeals to me….so it may be added to my collection….

Thank you for reading!! 

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