Mac Lipstick Swatch/Review #3 | Plumful

This shade!!! Quite possibly my most favourite berry based colour! And is perfect for the Autumn/Winter to match the mulberry tones that appear during that time of year. But in turn, can also liven up a look in the summer too! It is a Lustre finish, but for this finish, has quite the pigmentation! Something I think the lustre is known for is the sheerness, but for this shade, it does pack a punch!! I think if you have green eyes is is a perfect compliment of any look of a pink/purple Spectrum. But could also bode well with a concrete, cement grey look (MAC Copperplate or Shale would harmonise wonderfully!!). I find that, as I have a dull complexion, it livens up my face! And is a great way to wear a coloured lip, while still being tame! Would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of a berry lip! One of the best berry lips I have tried!! I he longevity isn’t the greatest, but for how comfortable it is, it wouldn’t be a faff to re apply it and with it being of a deeper tone, it does stain the lips. Even apply a pressed Powder through tissue to mattify it thus making it last a smidge longer!! 

Highly recommend this shade for you green eyed gals out there!! Let me know what you think of this shade!!

Thank you for reading!!

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