Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Look #7 | Platonic, Iced, Bump

What is lovely about this palette is that you can go from a rainbow eye, to a grey based smokey. Very versatile. So I thought it get creative and do an inverted smokey liner cat eye!! I started with a base, I used Mac Soft Serve Base in Bounce Around. I then marked out the shape with platonic. And then blended it out over the lid and into the crease. I then packed on Iced across the eye lid blending that with a fluffy brush into Platonic. Imthen intensified Platonic, and created a sharp liner look. I then got creative…and with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk I lined a wing. And then with Bump I packed that over th top, and blended it down the cheek so it disappeared to nothing. I then with a small detail brush, lined my lower lashline with a mix of Platonic and Iced. And lined my waterline with Milk Jumbo Pencil. And packed a bit of Bump on my brow bone! Then with a flick of mascara, the look was complete!!

I think it made a nice change to have some Greys is a colour palette! And enjoyed this contrasted look! Let me know what you think, or how you would wear these colours!!

Thank you for reading! 

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