My “I’ve Been Cut Open, So Want To Feel Beautiful Again” Beauty Bay Haul | 10/05/14

So on the 10th of May this year I had to have a diagnostic laparoscopy. Nothing major…but still a big enough deal for me to loose sleep, and render me shaking like a little chilly chihuahua. And you’re probably reading this thinking…now that girl didn’t need a reason to by makeup. And that is why, my friends, you know me very well! 

But I am all for sympathy splurges. Retail therapy as it is more commonly known. But these weren’t even splurges, as I got all of the eyeshadows for pittance as they were reduced!! And my Z palette doesn’t look so lonely anymore! 

So do i really need to go through every colour individually and discuss why I had the incessant need to stare at the sparkly goodies. No. But what I will say is that they are all absolutely gorgeous. Having green eyes I like warmer colours but was also sucked in by a couple of the purples! Taboo and Fairytale are to die for. But Tuscan Sun has got to be in of my faves that I purchased this time round!! And Cherry Cola (not gonna lie…the name alone made me squeak with joy!)

After being so impressed with the quality of Jeffree Starrs makeup…I then flew that my other Liquid Lipsticks were in need of more pals. So thought I’d buy them more friends. Simply for their welfare and not my own greed and vanity!! But look at the purdy colours! I was drawn into Rose Matter as it is my idea of a perfect neutral pink. Only similarity I can find close is Macs Lipstick in Fanfare!! But even then the match isn’t dupe worthy I don’t think! Chrysanthemum is the same formula as Pumpkin Pie; Matte with a hint of sparkle. This one is like a true yellow gold sparkle. And it is lush!!! And then if I was buying my Liquid lipsticks friends…surely my skin frost also needed a friend! So Peach Goddess too was clicked into my basket. And why? Because I had my belly button torn in two…so if I want to glow like the Tellytubby sun, then I am going to! Even if I am sulking…my illumination will be in point!!

And Morphe brushes. Oh you guys are well aware about how much I love Morphe brushes. Not only are they cheap as chips…but the quality is stupendous. The Oval packing brush I am going to use for my duo chrome shadows, so you get that decent pigmentation on both spectrums of the duo chrome!! And the fluffy brush will be used for Concealer as the flat base allows for better buffing! And the angled brush I felt was needed as my other one is getting a wee bit worn down. So thought I might give it a little rest while I have a new one. Plus it had a spoolie in the end! So why the devil not!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my sympathy splurge! I certainly awoke from my painful post op sleep happy when the post man had been! And lay in bed with the eyeshadows lying over me. It was joy like I have never felt before. Could also have been the painkillers!!

Thank you for reading! 

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