LA Pro Conceal Concealer Review | Porcelain, Light Peach and Green

Being a lady of the milky variety…I struggle when it comes to Concealer. Especially as I have a more yellow based complexion…not as common for paler skin! And me trying to tan is like trying to milk a rock! So I must embrace it!! And encourage you to do the same!! So this is me! Bare faced! To dotting of problem areas….to blended into a more corrected complexion! I would then apply a foundation over this…and the difference in evenness is well worth the extra step!

Having said that! I do enjoy wearing makeup that warms my complexion a little without it being obvious that I’m wearing a darker colour! So find that Concealer works best!! And have discovered the joy of a corrector!! And you can see the results! Having pale skin means I’m more prone to a look of transparency and dullness. Which means veins around my eyes, and redness around my nose and chin!! But with these babies!! That has changed!! It’s a real shame that it isn’t socially acceptable to be finished like this….I feel like I could be an unfinished Lichtenstien? Not a good look? Ok…

Note this has no foundation and it is just done using my Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush and pushing it into my skin, with a buffing motion! I find this is the best way to build up the coverage but without it looking heavy on your skin! Very natural looking! It just looks like I am one of those sickeningly blessed people with perfect skin!! Oh how I envy them! I would highly recommend these correctors (as well as the Concealer ). The texture is very hydrating but lightweight, with a very buildable coverage! Blends effortlessly and I mean EFFORTLESSLY! Perfect for a suffer of dry skin! Only thing I would be cautious about is that the green is pretty potent stuff…so I would work it in a “less is more” as once you’ve applied too much….there becomes an air of “Hulk” about you…and people will point it out….I had that happen at work! Mortifying! 

Oh and did I mention that it is cheap as chips too! I got all of mine for £4 each! And you get such a decent amount of product for that price! The packaging are very travel friendly…but the only thing I’m not too fond of is the brush tip applicator…but I put it on the back of my hand and go in with a detailer brush! And then buff it…so for the quality of the product…it is well worth it! 

I hope you found my review somewhat helpful. I would certainly urge you to buy these…I have used ones triple the price…for a third of the quality! Very very impressed!

Thank you for reading! 

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