Berlin Haul | Duty Free, Douglas, Nyx

Would you really expect anything less? I was in the airport…24 hours into a break up…so what did I do. Buy a massive bottle of Dolce and Gabana Light Blue!! Which smelt absolutely divine and they had a crazy deal…and I couldn’t resist. It is a fresh…citrusy slightly sweet scent. And sweet scents are my favourite. But the sweetness isn’t overpowering. I loved it! It certainly began healing some wounds! But not fully….so I went to th Urban Decay counter….and oh dear. I bought the Naked foundation…last of the lightest shade! So it managed to jump into my hands. And then I felt a little bit less mopey and vulnerable. 

In between galleries, food, sights, food and museums….and a bit more food, we did manage to do a spot of shopping. And a lot of the products such as Yves Saint Laurent were a lot more pricey over there…which I found confusing with it being in mainland Europe. But either way…it saved me the pennies (plus they didn’t do the super pale shades…so I was only going to settle for the wrong shade for more money….didn’t make much sense!). 

However NYX over in Europe is super cheap…Makeup Revolution prices but Euros! So went a little bit mad! I bought a couple of complexion pieces that I swatched and fell in love with. The HD Concealer and the Matte Not Flat powder! They were lush…I can’t wait to try those!! But then the lip products…I have a couple of the Liquid Suede shades but was so impressed with the formula…that I felt a little brave! I only went and bought a grey…”Stone Fox” I believe it is called. Very much a cult favourite apparently…which did sway me to pop it in my basket…not going to lie! And then a dark red….called Vintage! Beautiful deep berry red! And I can’t wait to wear it. I think having fuller lips…this will definitely make me look very retro…or dare I say “Vintage”…see what I did there? And then my courage ballooned up again and I bought a metallic khaki green lipstick. And have the same formula “Cosmic Metals” in the shade Speed of Light, which is the truest rose gold ever! But was so impressed…why not try a green. It is relatively subtle and looked like a gold or grey in some lights. Very similar to Sumptuous Olive by Mac! But on my lips. I can’t wait to try it!!

I walked out of Douglas and then walked past the Kiko shop…and I saw that there was a massive sale on! And I saw the Powder that I have currently hit pan on…was 30% off! But then had a look and nothing else appealed to me…and so I left with just my Powder like a well behaved lady! 

Then at another Douglas…I saw they had a massive selection of Zoeva brushes…and last time I went to Berlin I bought a few, including the buffer brush and fell IN LOVE with it! So I bought a couple more face brushes because my goodness…the quality is INCREDIBLE! Lush!! And saw the 50% signs and had a nosey and saw that Benefit are having a packaging change over so all of the older packaging was reduced. So then i saw the array of shades 03 and darker and thought I wouldn’t be in luck. But yes…I dug right down to the bottom of the tub and alas…THE LAST 01!! And I am keen on giving my brows the HD look again…as I have a new Morphe brush that would be perfect for that. And was very excited.

And that is my makeup purchases of our Berlin getaway. I’ve rally struggled the past few months…hurting quite a lot emotionally with an operation, relationship and then ending of that relationship and stress with work….but I’m hoping to pour all these feelings and emotions into this little space. And make myself feel better! I really enjoy writing these posts! And hope my ramblings don’t bore you too much!

Thank you so much for reading! 

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