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Well…I was a little late on the bandwagon but I tried a couple to see what the hype was…and then bought a big Z Palette…knowing I was hooked on these babies. The forumla. They are buttery…they are so pigmented and blend so effortlessly. Even when my eyes get a little dry with eczema. They work perfectly! And the shade range. My goodness. My eyes are a yellowy green colour and I love rusty warm shades best. But I didn’t just stop at those and picked up practically ever “perfect for green eyes” shade. I cannot be controlled! They are just stunning!

../all swatches were taken without a base underneath…these are the true shades/..

Left/Right- Confection, Sand Dollar, Phantom, Friend Zone, Hopscotch, Fairytale, Taboo, Nostalgic, Petal Pusher, Vintage, Cupcake, Tuscan Sun, Cherry Cola, Mai Tai

Left/Right- Simply Marlena, Legend, I’m Peachless, Beaches and Cream, Creme Brûlée, Mango Tango, Poppy, Chickadee, Karma, Preppy, Desert Sands, Dirty Martini, Jester, Cocoa Bear.

Now yes…I am a huge convert. And love…almost every shade! My personal favourites are Desert Sands, Cherry Cola, Chickadee, Tuscan Sun, Cocoa Bear and Dirty Martini. My god. Those shades are absolutly to die for. The texture is so buttery…yet are powders. The pigmentation is so vivid and opaque! And with green eyes…these are STAPLES!! I find that I use these the most. But other awesome shades for green eyes are Poppy, Fairytale and Karma! And the pigmentation is equally as beautiful. I just find that I reach for the, less frequently as they are such intense colours that I wish I could get away in every look…but I am a girl that likes experimenting with every colour possible. So they don’t always appear. But when they do. I fall back in love with them!! 

The colours I was disappointed with. Sadly we’re the duochrome shadows. I love the idea and the swatches. They are to die for. But when you blend them with other shadows, they disappear entirely. Which is so frustrating because the swatches are gorgeous. Phantom…the best of the bunch, is a pale white with a blue/purple duochrome. I’m Peachless is ok with some shades, and not so great with others. But it is a yellow based peach with a rose/gold duochrome. And finally…Mai Thai. Oh my god. Don’t waste your money. I loved the Swatch and it made me so unbelievably happy I had it. But it does not show up on your eye all all. And sticks to the brush, but that is it. Not the eye. I was so disappointed. I would stick to the original Eyeshadows and not the duochrome. They were not worth taking up the space in my Z Palette. Wish I filled them with other colours I liked. I still might…don’t judge! Haha.

The pressed pigments, are stunning and beautifully pigmented. But oh my goodness are not travel friendly. I travelled to Spain with a few of the shadows…and Legend smashed and I had to repress it into the fan. I did do a little weep….but was relieved when it was still useable because it was a gorgeous shade. The shades Karma and Jester are relatively solid so haven’t had th same problem with them. But Nostalgic is heading the way of potential explosion of glitter if I drop the Palette. Which I hope doesn’t happen!! But it will happen I’m sure…I’m so clumsy!

I thought instead of going through the shades individually and talking about which shades complimented with what. I thought I would show you the looks I have come up with. And obviously there are an infinite number of looks you could do with these shadows. But these are the ones I am continually wearing on multiple days with my outfit choices. So I thought I would share you these!! 

****bottom left…it was Nostalgic instead of Confection!! Major boo boo! Apologies! 

I hope you enjoyed this review!! I really enjoyed making this…and it has taken a good 2 months to get all of those pictures together. But I loved every minute of it!! I would highly recommend these Eyeshadows. Marlena is a complete genius and I am a huge fan of them!!! Addicted you could say…but happily addicted!!

Thank you for reading!! 

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