Product Wars | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder VS Kiko Radience Fusion Baked Powder

I have a thing for illumination. Anything that makes my sallow, pale, dullness look like I have a little more life than a corpse. No really.

These two are stand out powders to me. And I wanted to test how dupable they are. As the Kiko Radient Fusion Baked Powder is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the ultimate babe that is…the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Our love story began in Disney Springs Sephora in Orlando…and it was a whirlwind involving love at first sight. We locked eyes…put her in my basket…yes it’s a her! And then…$50 later…(plus some more purchases…) we started our committed relationship. And it was beautiful.

But obviously it is a very high maintained relationship…(price tag being fairly hefty). So I use her very sparingly. But when I do…I savour every moment. But then read a few blogs and this rare little gem appeared….and meant that I could use my Hourglass on special occasions but still have a similar effect on my face everyday. Introducing…the Kiko Radient Fusion Baked Powder…wow that is a mouthful. Can I just say illiteracy…”that Kiko one init” because that is far easier for my fingers to type!

The packaging are similar (Duh…those reading this have eyes). They are shiny and metallic looking. But not going to lie…slightly gutted the hourglass packaging wasn’t encrusted in diamonds with its price tag. But it does make my face look more luxurious than any cubic zirconia trying to be a diamond. They are both very travel friendly, I have travelled with both and witnessed my case get thrown about by evil airport men without any knowledge of the expense on my bag! But they were left without a scratch. I had a horrible image of it being smashed and I would need to wear a black lace veil for a few weeks.

Right on with the comparison. The following pictures are of swatches and then them actually on my face. Note I have foundation on only, and then put the Powder on. So excuse my pale brows and grimness.

(Top- Kiko, Bottom- Hourglass)

 Can see that on a Swatch they are pretty comparable. They both provide a gorgeous sheen. The Hourglass does give a little more light but the Kiko provides a little more coverage. This is obviously due to the Hourglass being a kind of translucent Powder and the Kiko having a tint. But the texture is extremely similar. Finely milled. Buttery. And both feel luxurious! I would say that the Kiko one has a matter finish which may provide better longevity, and goes well with the slightly higher coverage. But the hourglass really does have a lighter skin like texture. And is almost undetectable. Yet provides staying power and oil control. AND looks illuminating. Witchcraft!

(Top- Kiko, Bottom- Hourglass)

As you can see…there are many many similarities. And I love both of these products. The Kiko one does provide a little skidded more coverage, and evens my freckles a little. Which saves me when I have bad skin days. However it doesn’t cover pores so well. But pores are something I can look past…a massive red spot still visible after foundation and concealer…is not. However, on my good skin days, and the only problem is pores (sadly rare due to the stress I have recently been experiencing) I do want to cover them. And you can see how flawlessly the Hourglass works to cover pores. Look at the difference! 

Now we are strictly talking illumination. The Hourglass definitely wins on that front. It seems to just effortlessly light my skin from within, with its sorcery. It makes me look exceptionally healthy like I’ve been for a 10 mile run at 5am and had 6 bags of kale while upside down doing the most elegant headstand. When really…all I’ve done is eat 3 dark chocolate digestives before 8am. The Kiko provides illumination too! Don’t get my wrong. More of a satiny illumination, and it still looks very much like you are wearing powder to provide the illumination. Which does indeed mean that your overall look will stay put a lot better! Thus meaning the illumination stays put too. 

All in all…would I choose one over the other. NO WAY. I want them both! The Hourglass is that instant pick me up to making your life feel a little fancy. Perfect for photographs and nights out. Where you want to look extra special. But not worthy for everyday use because of the hefty price tag. So the Kiko is more budget friendly and also looks best for everyday use….as it’s longevity for sweaty long days in a tattoo studio is brilliant. But if I had a never ending budget…Hourglass would be my pick. But please…that’s not going to happen.

 I love them both okay! Have repurchased the Kiko because as you can see I have hit pan and can’t be without. And when the Hourglass runs out…I will have to take out a loan…but yes, I will  repurchase it too!

I hope you found this somewhat useful!! Let me know your thoughts on these products.

Thank you so much for reading! 

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