Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette Series #1 | Malloy, Abdul, Johnson

I started the look with priming my eyelids. This was used with my trusty MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I then applied Malloy all over the lid with a large, domed shadow brush. And blended this into the inner corner and up to the brow bone. So literlly everywhere!! I The with the excess Malloy still on my brush, went in gently with Abdul, and started defining my crease. Then once I had a faint shape, went in with a defining crease brush and started working more of Abdul into my crease. Then with a pencil brush, I applied Johnson and started smoking it out in the outer V. This gave the look more of a feline shape. And built it up so it was darkest at the root of my lashes. Giving the impression of fuller lashes. Then with crease brush I blended the Johnson and the Abdul to make it a seamless transition. Finally I took my pencil brush and lined my lower lash line with a mixture of Johnson and Abdul on my brush. Then with a flick of mascara, the look is complete!!

I am normally pro warm shades, so the cooler tones is a change, but I really liked it! Made my eyes look greyer! I needed a bit more bronzer though, as I looked extra pale!! I hoped you enjoyed reading this!! 

Thank you for reading!! 

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