Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette Series | THE REVIEW

I am mortified!! Look at the state of it!! But you know what, at least it is showing how well loved it is! It looked somewhat decent until I took it to Orlando with me and then my black eyeliner and eyebrow pencil melted and smeared all over it in the plane!! And this is after I cleaned it with Micellar water! The damage is done…I’m just going to say it looks rustic. 

I love the packaging of this. In fact all of theBalm products have awesome packaging. Very 1950s and reminds me a little of Grease…so I love it. Love the clever pun in the name…sucker for a pun! And the fact it has a big mirror, hense why I took it to Florida with me! But we actually had such a filmstar mirror that made you look like an Instagram filter. But I digress…

I am somewhat ashamed that this was the state POST cleaning…..but like I said, we are going for a rustic look here! The shade selection is a dream. ALL MATTE (D’uh) but I love that! As much as I love shimmer, Matte shades can be super sexy and sultry! The colours are great too! Some yellow based, some maybe based some very neutral shades. The looks are endless. I love the mix of light, midtone and dark shades too. Which makes for perfect transitioning from day to night. Which helped in Florida. So if I was having a day at Disney and was wearing say, Lombardi on the lid and that was it because I knew full well I would be on water rides…I could then go to dinner in the evening with an ice dress with smoking the look out a little with Rosen and Wood!! Worked wonderful. Very travel friendly. Especially as you can have a different look everyday! So you look like you’ve literally bought the entirety of duty free for the variation! But no…just this palette!

Just look at those shades. These were all applied with no base. So these are straight on the back of my hand. They are incredibly buttery! And ridiculously pigmented. But they also blend to nothing, so well! And blend together a dream. My personal favourites are Malloy, Singh, Lombardi and Rosen! And I definitely wear those shades the most! The last so well that when I said I was going on water rides in Disneyworld. I still had makeup on afterwards! Including Eyeshadow! These, for the quality and the price, are awesome! Not quite high street prices, but no where near high end. They are the happy medium! Well worth the money and then som!

So you were maybe looking at the title…and thinking…series? Or not…you might have stopped reading because I am talking drivel…but anyway, I shall continue for the minority! My plan of action with this is to go through the palette with some of my favourite looks that I wear with this palette so you can see it on my complexion and eye colour and see how they look! And who knows…it may convince you that this is a must purchase!! Do tell me if I do…I love enabling people to buy things. I’m very good at it too <insert winky face>.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this and are looking forward to seeing the series! 

Thank you for reading!!

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