Feel Unique Order | 24/07/17

So when I was in Berlin I had money allocated for a the YSL Le Tient Touche Eclat…but they all didn’t have shades light enough for pale old me. So I thought I would go on Feel Unique to see if I they had the shade I needed. Oh but it was only on sale!! And then looked at the other sale items, and the Claris Skin Illusion foundation was ALSO on sale!!! So I got them both, for the price of one, in Europe! It was meant to be!

One thing I also love about Feel Unique, is that if you spend over Β£30 you get to choose 2 free samples. And if you spend over Β£50 you get 2 more free samples!! So I chose a very high SPF suncream by La Roche Posay!! As I burn so easily, thanks to being so pale!! But this is supposed to feel really lightweight for the protection you get! And then I got another La Roche Posay product, this time an intense moisturiser! Which I will be interested to see how it compares to my Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre!! Which I think by now you know I LOVE!! 

So I have heard so much about YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat. And it is supposed to be THE foundation for illuminating and hydration! And having dull, dehydrated skin, it certainly tickles my tastebuds. Not literally, don’t eat this! But I am so excited to try this. And finally got the shade that suits my skin most! They only had shade 3 and knowing the brand (through longing to one day own one of their products) I knew that there should be paler shades! And I was right. Used my noggin. And bought it after!

I then saw that there was a 50% off sale and saw this little beauty. The Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation, and only the palest shade was 50% off!! And that worked well for me! And saw the reviews and nabbed that quickly. I have tested this since I started writing this. And I say…it definitely needs a first impression review of its own! Now is it a goodun or a baddun? We shall see!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!! I shouldn’t be encouraged to buy any more makeup now. But you know what that means…restraint. And then a whopping list being made for future purchases. (Shades and prices….I’m a list fiend! Maybe a spreadsheet…ok I’m revealing how uncool I am now!)

Thank you for reading!!! 


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