First Impressions | Clarins “Skin Illusion” Natural Radiance Foundation (102.5 Porcelain)

So if you read my recent Feel Unique order you will have known that I got this for a bargain price. And in the palest shade!! So needless to say I was so excited to try this! And tried it the next day.

First of all the packaging, I love how all Clarins products come in the red box. It is the little things. But very sleek. And the bottle feels very luxury. Glass (can’t beat a glass bottle of foundation…even if they aren’t the most travel friendly….they do make it more worth the money!). Plus the gold cap has a little ridge in it. It’s sad hour much it pleased me. Like a little thumb print. I don’t know…it’s just different. I liked it! 

Shade selection. Have to say…quite disappointed. This is the lightest shade. And my hands are fairly tanned from being outside a lot. And it is still way to dark. If it was a full coverage foundation I would have been more miffed as the variation from my jawline to my chest would be catastrophic! But thankfully it is a sheerer foundation, so does Match me in the summer. I just blend it down my neck a little and there isn’t too much of a difference. And who’s neck and face are exactly the same shade? Blessed people! And I’m sadly not one of them! Being a lady of breast, I rarely expose my chest so as long as my neck and face match, my tone looks pretty seamless. 

The texture is EXTREMELY light weight. Barely felt like I had any foundation on! And it felt like I had used a skin oil. Felt very hydrating and my skin loved the extra moisture!! It has a runny considency and buffed beautifully with a Zoeva Silk Finish Brush!! I did one layer over my entire face, and over my nose and chin I buffed the reminents from the back of my hand.

That glow though!

The way this foundation on your face feels though. My goodness. It lives up to its name! It feels so lightweight and “skin like”. And it makes my normally dull complexion look full of life and illumination. The left picture all I have on my face is the foundation and my eyebrows. This foundation is very buildable. I would say it is a light/medium coverage if you built it up. But I was having an OK skin day so only built it up around my nose as I have a lot of redness there, so really kept it at a light coverage. I wouldn’t recommend this foundation for oily skin as it feels very nourishing and hydrating and does leave your skin with a dewy finish. But having dehydrated skin, my skin lapped up the moisture, and thanked me for it!!

Considering how glory this foundation is, it lasted pretty darn well. I powdered my skin with the NYX Stay Matte Not Flat Powder just over my T-Zone but if you see the right picture, my bronzer hadn’t moved!! It was only around my nose where I got a little shiny and the product dispersed a little. But after 8 hours and a runny nose…I think it wore pretty darn well!!

In conclusion, I am rather pleased I have this to my collection. It will definitely be more of a summer foundation, due to its slightly darker hue. But I loved how lightweight it felt on my skin. It felt just like a moisturiser! And that was it! And my skin loved the nourishment! I didn’t look dead or lifeless! So that is a big plus on my books!! If you have a dryer complexion, that is a few shades darker than my own, then this would be perfect for you. If it was just a smudge lighter I would have found my perfect light coverage foundation! But sadly only in the summer for me! Or post holiday! If I ever go on a sunny holiday!

Let me know your thoughts on this 

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