MAC Lipstick Swatch/Review #6 | Ravishing

I ummed and ahhhhed this shade for so long. Sometimes it looked like it would be to pale on me, other times I thought it would be too bright. But after seeing it on one of the ladies in MAC who had a similar pale yellow undertoned skin. I was like RIGHT I’m buying it!! And I’m so happy I did. It is the most wearable coral shade! It is great to brighten your complexion. Would could be wearing minimal makeup…maybe Benefit Cha Cha tint on the cheeks, flick of mascara, bold brows, and then BOOM! This! It would make a fairly minimal makeup day look like you went to SOO much effort! It is very comfortable on the lips, being a Creme Sheen Finish. Remember about 2 years ago everyone was all about a creamsicle orange shade? This is like THE shade that matches that craze. And it is very wearable. Some lights it looks very pink, but on my complexion it is definitely more orange. Due to my yellow undertones. But if I’m ill but want to look alive, I will wear this, and the minimal makeup look I talked about. And I look like I should be allowed in society and not quarantined! I am so glad that I have this shade even if it took a good 18 months to commit!

Let me know what you think of this shade!! How long did it take you to commit (and love)Or was it a whirlwind romance from the get go?

Thank you for reading!! 

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