10 Highstreet Products I Couldn’t Be Without!! 

Now I am a lover of all things luxury. But it isn’t practical to constantly use high end products. They cost a lot of money and if you love them…when they run out…you will need to repurchase them. So day to day, at work, I will wear mostly highstreet products. Maybe the odd high end Blush or Eyeshadow. But predominantly highstreet.

All of these, I can not recommend enough for those on a budget! And I have used these products to death. And the ones that look untouched…are probably the repurchased ones!! I absolutely love these products!! And if you are starting out with makeup and don’t have a lot of cash, but want products that work as well (if better) than the higher end products! Please continue reading!!

1. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (Shade Light Porcelain). £7.99. I cannot recommend this foundation enough for you milky faced babes out there. I have forever struggled with finding foundation light enough! But this is the best I have come across!! It has a slightly pink tone to it (I’m more yellow toned but I can apply a yellow corrector in with it and it works perfectly). It is a satin finish, and lasts throughout the day! A medium coverage but can be built up over problem areas. All in all, my favourite highstreet foundation. And I wear it everyday to work!!

2. Ps… Sultry Eyelashes. £1 a pair!  Or any of the eyelashes to be honest. Primark have got the best, most comfortable eyelashes I have ever used! I have quite big eyes, and these have a great malleable yet thin base. Which works a dream for my round eyes. They do more subtle eyelashes too, but these are my favourite. They are flirty and sexy and if I am going to go through to effort of applying eyelashes, I’m not going to do things by halves!! They are just sublime. And for a quid!!

3. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. £7.99. If I have a long day planned, or a day where I need longevity (and being able to go heavy on the moisturiser without my foundation shifting) this is what I choose! I feel like it is comparable if dupable to the Benefit POREfeessional. I have tried and liked both. The POREfessional has a slightly different…if dryer texture. And the Baby Skin is very much a silicone gel based primer. Both are great. But if they work the same am I going to splash out on the £26…the one that is under a tenner…is the winner! I cannot justify spending the money on th POREfessional since finding this product. Not saying that when a get a mini sample…I don’t light up like a child being offered a free sweet in a confectionary shop! 

4. La Girl Pro Conceal (Peach, Yellow, Green, Porcelain). £5 each. I absolutely love these shades. The actual Concealer could do with a slightly light shade than their lightest shade. But it is yellow based, so I cannot complain too much. But oh my goodness. These are the most hydrating Concealers!! They illuminate, but if you build them up, give you the coverage over a blemish without looking like a caked up mask! The correctors blend a dream. And when you wear a foundation over they look undetectable. However use the green with a light hand. It is pigmented and I looked very similar to that marvel hero…I’m sure you know the one. A little goes a long way. Once you master that. You kiss your redness bye bye! I have a full in depth review (with pictures) that I shall link underneath here for you! But all in all, I bloody love these!


5. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (001 Translucent). £3.99. Now I have fairly dry skin, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get oily. Mainly around my nose. But oily it still is. So normally Powder my T zone for longevity purposes. But am I really going to wear my BareMinerals/Hourglass everyday. HELL NO! That is expensive. And this works a dream. It is Matte, doesn’t have a detectable colour. Wouldn’t say it is 100% Translucent. But it works well for my milky flesh. I cannot find a better powder out of all the highstreet brands. And it is around the £4 mark!!

6. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (Hazel). £2.99. I absolutely love this Eyebrow Pencil. I have red undertones in my hair so it is a little warm, but I actually really like that! I have such fair eyebrows too, and this genuinely gives me life! If I am wanting to not go the hole hog with makeup, I will put a little Concealer over any darkness and blemishes, and shape my brows with this and I feel somewhat acceptable to be around the general public! I genuinely don’t see the point buying a more expensive one as this does the job for me! Maybe when I have more of a disposable income…I might justify the pennies on a more expensive one. But I really like this one!

7. Revolution Awesome Felt Liner (Black). £3.50. This is a great felt liner. I’ll be honest, I don’t wear it very often. But when I do, I reach for this. Does the job. It is black, it has a very sturdy tip, but bends when you are going around the eye. For the simple fact that these kind of products dry out so quickly, I don’t really want to spend too much on these. I have a Too Faced liquid eyeliner which stays out a lot longer, but the nib makes it a little more difficult to apply. So I much prefer the revolution. It also works so beautifully when I wear this as a base, and smoke it out with a dark eyeshadow! Just lovely!

8. Maybelline Mascaras (The Falsies, The Rocket, Lash Sensational WATERPROOF formulas) £8.99. I am so unbelievably fussy with mascaras. I have very straight eyelashes, and they are quite fair. So a Mascara that holds a curl all day is essential. And that stays put and doesn’t end up under my eyes or over my eyelid. The formulas I have stated are BEAUTIFUL! The Falsies name speaks for yourself, definitely my long standing favourite. The Rocket is more of a lash separating and natural result. But it can be built up to a more voluminous look! And finally the Lash Sensational…new to this my HOLY MOLY! I really didn’t think The Falsies could get beaten…but for now I think it is matched…maybe beaten…but we shall see. It is an all rounder. Lengthening and voluminous. And keeps my eyelashes fluttery and curled all day!! I have a Benefit and Too Faced mascara, and still choose these over them! Cannot rate these enough! 

9. Revolution Ultra Contour Palette (Light). £8.00. This palette is incredible! Like beyond incredible. The contour powders are so pigmented and buttery. I LOVE that there is a pale yellow shade in this, so if certain areas look to pink on my face, I can make them match more to my undertone. The white highlighter OH MY GOD. It makes your skin look wet, it is that intense. I love how you have a slightly greyer shade and warmer shades so you can customise your bronze/contour depending on your tan! I use this so much and rarely reach for any other contour shades. And for the price, you really cannot complain. The quality is just divine!

10. NYX Liquid Lipsticks (Lingerie, Liquid Suede, Cosmic Metals). £8ISH. I am so so so in love with these Liquid Lipsticks. And I cannot find ones comparable to these for the price. They are just divine. The shade ranges are endless. From crazy blues to the most perfect nude shades. They are so comfortable on the lips, even if they are Matte. The Cosmic Metals pack a punch but still have movement to them, making them feel super hydrating. The longevity of these are incredible. I have gone a whole working day with the Lingerie shade in Ruffle Trim and didn’t even need to reapply it. Cosmic Metal Shade in Speed Of Light is THE most perfect Rose Gold shade you will ever wear. Beyond gorgeous. And the Liquid Suedes are the most perfect finish! Matte put not drying. And pack a punch in pigmentation. Downtown Beauty is the most gorgeous warm brown shade. I love them so much!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope this has helped you save a bit of money. I wouldn’t be without all of these in my collection and have (and will) repurchase them again and again. I absolutely love them! I hope this was informative! I might even do a high end version worth the indulgence! Let me know if you would like to read that! 

Thank you for reading!!

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