Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette Series #2 | Lombardi, Rosen, Wood

I started the look with priming my eyes (MAC Soft Ochre of course!). I then with a large fluffy brush, packed Lombardi all over the lid. Blending it into the crease. I then with the same brush so it still has excess Lombardi on, blended Rosen into the crease. I built the colour up so it provides a warm, soft blend and then building the intensity up. I then with the same brush, worked Wood into the crease. I wanted a really heavy crease look with this. I then with a small pencil brush, smoked the outer corner out with Wood. Then lined the lower lashline with Wood also. Then with my fluffy brush, and the mix of all the excess colours, I blended my lower lashline for a smokey, grunge look. Finally I added a flick of mascara and the look is finished!

Needless to say this is one of my favourite looks with the palette….I am partial to a warm Eyeshadow look! I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you for reading!

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