FULL REVIEW | Anastasia Beverly Hills “Moonchild” Palette

One of the most hyped highlighting palettes! Everyone is all about the rainbow/holographic/unicorn glow right now. And when this came out I was desperate to try it. But at £39 and I also has other highlighters I couldn’t justify it straight away! But after several months…I still had it on my mind. And I purchased it! And dare I say…was quite disappointed.

The packaging is made from paper…and not nice quality paper packaging with a hard board, that some brands use. Flimsy cardboard! Ok so it is holographic…but still. Now I wouldn’t have minded if the price tag was halved…but this was a fairly expensive product…and when I got it I was almost like…”is that it?” It doesn’t feel luxury at all. And a couple of my pans were loose too. I’ve had better quality palettes from Makeup Revolution and MUA. And their palettes are under the £10 mark! I was really disappointed. I felt like surely, if the packaging is this abysmal then the product must be pretty darn incredible to make up for it?

Now no one can argue that they aren’t glowy! But they were fairly chunky. They didn’t feel like finely milled but pressed powder that I usually look for in a high end highlighter. They kind of felt like the tackier glittery powder eyeshadows you see in Claire’s. Which was not something I was expecting. I swatched these with a little bit of foundation on the back of my hand, to make it adhere to it, like it would on my face. But there really wasn’t anything special about them. I actually prefer my I ❤ Makeup “rainbow unicorn” highlighter. Moonchild is way more than quadruple the price too! 

Yep. You can tell I have highlight on. But again, it really isn’t anything special. It doesn’t give the holographic Illusion like people were saying you got. You just god a icy/lilac/silver highlight. Which is nice! But do you really need 6 shades to recreate that? A whole palette? I don’t think so. Also when applying it onto my skin, it dispersed my foundation a little, which I didn’t like. I used it with my Morphe M334. I like my highlighter to blend seamlessly. And not disrupt my base. And again…this isn’t a cheap product, so I shouldn’t have to worry about that right? 

All in all I was extremely disappointed with this palette. Especially after the hype around it. And the hefty price tag! I’ve had a lot better for a hell of a lot less! And it is stirring me away from choosing ABH again. The packaging was a huge disappointment, especially at the prices of their products! I would prefer a sturdier palette and the fact two of the pans were loose already got me annoyed. So I think I’m going to steer clear of their palettes. The Modern Renaissance looked gorgeous, but looking into it, the packaging is the same. And is £45. So I’m going to give it a miss, especially after experiencing this product!

Hope this wasn’t too negative. I just wanted to be honest about my experience with this palette. And hopefully deterring others who thought the same as me. If you like a silvery highlight, go for it. But I just think out of the six colours, there was only two I liked. Better off saving your money!

Thank you for reading!


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