Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette Series #3 | Singh, Garcia, Wood

Now this is also a very flattering combination for you dolls with green or blue eyes. The rich warmth of the look will bring out the yellow or the turquoise hints making the colour of your eye pop even more so! I started the look with a base, this time I used MAC Painterly. Then with a dome brush, packed Singh all over the lid and into the crease. I then with a fluffy blending brush, blended Singh into the crease, as a midtone to seamlessly go from eyeshadow the skin. Blend Blend Blend. I then went in with Garcia, on a clean crease brush. And worked that into the crease. I then across th lashline. Then with a pencil brush, I took a small amount of wood into the lash line and outer V and blend blend blend again finally I put some Singh onto my fluffy blending brush and took this far down onto my lower lashline. I really like my eyeshadow like that. Then with a mix of Wood and Garcia on my pencil brush, I worked that into the lower lash line, smudging it with Singh. Finally I applied mascara! And the look is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this instalment into the Meet Matt(e) series!! Really enjoying these.

Thank you for reading! 

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