FULL REVIEW | NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks

Awww nostalgia. This is where my love of liquid lipsticks started. I remember it well. It was January…and I packed my first in my makeup bag as I was off to Madrid to celebrate my sisters and my own 21st birthday. Yes we are twins. 

Downtown Beauty. I thought hey, why not give this a go! I wore it to the airport…and oh my god I fell in love. Like…they are Matte but are so comfortable to wear! And they last well too. I think I topped it up once throughout the day. But the way it wore made it look ombré, which really if I wasn’t so fussy, could have done me just fine. And I think because it was such a dark shade, it made me more inclined to perfect it!

So after that trip, I knew I needed another. So I thought I’d go for a shade more wearable. Tea & Cookies. And it is a gorgeous warm…but blue toned pink. If such a shade can exist! So it is basically the perfect pink for me! With this shade, throughout the day I don’t even need to top that up. I wore it to work, where I talk with clients, drink plenty of fluids and have lunch. And I remember locking up and caught my lipstick in the mirror. And it was perfect! After 8 hours! So I was very impressed.

The consistency of these are lovely. They aren’t the normal “matter than matte…lip stain ultimate longevity” doo das that at out at the moment. They literally are Liquid Lipsticks. And feel as comfortable as Lipsticks feel on your lips. The longevity however, is better than a lipstick, as it adheres so well, due to the slightly thicker and creamier texture. A creamy Matte is the perfect description! And they are so pigmented. One swipe. That is all that is needed! 

And then the love story continued in Berlin. I do normally get most of my NYX products in Europe as they are so much cheaper over there! And we were wondering around a DM in a mall. And I saw that the grey “Stone Fox” was “beauty blogger approved”. So being a beauty blogger, I was curious to understand the hype! And boy oh boy! It is actually pretty wearable! Being grey it is as, if more neutral than nude! It goes with any colour, any tone. It is just gorgeous. As a beauty blogger…I do indeed approve.

Finally I ummed and ahed with Vintage. But realised I don’t actually own a deep berry red shade. And as so impressed with Downtown Beauty, and with it being a similar depth of colour, I did indeed purchase it. And I think for the coming Autumn…this will appear a lot! On the lid of a Pumpkin Spice Latte no doubt! 

So they started a never ending romance to Liquid Lipsticks. And I absolutely love them. I hope they expand their range, maybe some rich warm shades. Hint hint. But for the price and the quality, they are firm favourites in the Liquid Lipstick world!! I urge you all to try them. And if you are still new to Liquid Lipsticks, you won’t be disappointed with these! 

Thank you for reading!

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