First Impressions | Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

So I was totally set on getting this foundation on my trip in Berlin…but sadly their palest shade was just far too dark for me. So I did my research and found they did lighter ones…so knew that I had to put the money I had saved for this aside so I could purchase it after my trip. No point wasting your money on the convenience when it is the wrong shade! 

The packaging…one word…luxurious!! Insert heart eyes here! The glass is weighty and substantial (making it feel worth the hefty price tag). The gold…oh my goodness. I literally feel on the same level as royalty. Except with my dark sense of humour….it stays as nothing more than a feeling…

The colour is very yellow. Which is JUST what I need. It gets rid of all of my redness and matches my necks tone perfectly. The coverage is a good medium but buildable! And the finish is gorgeous! So natural and glowing. To the point where I was complimented on my “flawless skin”. HA! Lies…it’s Makeup! It still lets your skin show though…it just blurs the imperfections. I have a lot of redness around my nose and eyes so it covers that up…but still lets my freckles show through! It’s weird…but completely wonderful! 

Look at the difference! The power of makeup. Looking miserable as sin in that before picture (oh dear). I’m going though a really bad patch with my anxiety, so this was my first day out of the confines of my bed for a few days…but then I put this on…and I felt so much better. Sometimes a little bit of a treat is such a pick me up! And using this product is a treat…and was very much needed. And we were going for a wander around a retail park (mainly to look at guinea pigs). And even though I wore no eye makeup. I just put on a little bit of bronzer and my eyebrows and I felt like my skin looked awake and healthy. 

The longevity of this product was magical. It made through a very humid day. Shopping. Eating. Drinking. Touching my face with anxiety ticks. And didn’t budge. I did set my T-Zone with my Kiko Radiance a Fusion powder! And that locked everything in place a dream! It lasted a good 7 hours before I removed it and it could have lasted longer!! But would you expect anything less from Yves Saint Laurent?

I cannot to use this more and more and can already tell this will be a firm favourite! The tone, for ladies with yellow based skin, is divine and the shade selection (mainly online) is brilliant! If you have dehydrated, dull skin…this will be your life saver!! A dream to apply and a dream to wear!

I hope you found is interesting and enjoyable to read!

Thank you for reading! 


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