MAC Lipstick Swatch/Review #8 | Kinda Sexy

This was my first ever Matte lipstick. And the romance of Matte lips began. I was initiallly attracted to this colour of the muted warmth of this colour! And again, the start of my love of warmth being injected into my makeup! The Matte finish, I was expecting to be very drying and uncomfortable. And was pleasantly surprised when they were creamy and I find them more comfortable than some Lustre lipsticks! This lipstick is the perfect peach/nude! But it has this depth to it that makes it perfect for most skin tones! I love pairing this shade with a bit of Bronzer or a terracotta on the cheeks and a wash of shimmer on the eyes. But it also goes lovely with an olive smokey eye! Very versatile, and if you like warm shades like me, it is the perfect Matte nude lipstick. It is in my opinion anyway! 

Let me know if you like this shade, or if you have any recommendations similar to this beauty!

Thank you for reading! 

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