FULL REVIEW | Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

So we were Disney Springs…and it was my first ever experience in an American Sephora!! It was magical. So many brands I had only ever seen online. I swatched and gasped at the beauty of the products I had never seen in person. And this was one of them. I had heard so many positive things about the brand Tarte. And the maracuja range too had wonderful reviews. So this went in my basket. And there were absolutely no regrets!

Now having quit large eyes, my under eye concealer nearly always creases! I’m young, so don’t have many lines, but the ones I do have, always get that lovely crease. So when I read that this was claiming to be creaseless, imma wanna some of that!! 

The texture. For a creaseless concealer is very thick. To the point where it requires considerable force to get the product out. But because of this, the coverage is phenomenal! The colour I got is the perfect yellow gold ivory shade! Which works wonders for my redness and brightens and illuminates my eyes. It is really Creamy, and once warmed up the thickness melts almost, and it seamlessly blends over my problem areas. It feels lovely on my skin! And looks undetectable, giving you the illusion of perfect skin! A look we all want!!

I blend this into my skin either starting with my finger to warm the product up, or with my foundation brush. The one I used this time was my Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush! And it seemed to do the job perfectly. I then, with my ring finger, pat a little bit of powder, to ensure those little creases you normally miss with a brush also get powdered. And you can see….bono creasing! Big thumbs up to me! But how did it wear through the day?

My answer would be fairly well! Of course, it was summer, and it was a fairly humid day. And by the sixth hour, I did have a small crease on each eye. But nothing a little pat of powder or dab with a cotton bud wouldn’t fix! And I was still left with a very illuminated under eye area! I was very impressed!! Especially given how thick the texture of this was, I was expecting there to be major creasage!! But nope!! 

Only downside to this product is how accessible it is to us brits!! If I hadn’t gone to America I never would have tried this product! As I wouldn’t want to spend the ridiculous custom charges! But I am very happy I have this beauty in my collection. And on days where I have had little sleep, puffy eyes or I have had allergies (or crying fests) I do use this as it makes hiding such things very easy!! I had just come back from a 10 mile run in that picture, and I look awake and not like I’m ready to curl up in a ball and sleep!

I hope you found this somewhat useful! Let me know if you recommend any Tarte Products! I would love a couple more of their Amazonian Clay Blushes! I have one and it is lush!!

Thank you for reading! 

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