TAG | 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty

Okay so there is something awfully mystical about using the words beauty and sin in the same sentence! Yes, I am doing my own version of the popular “7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty” Tag! If you are unaware of this tag, it is basically using all of the 7 Deadly Sins, with corresponding questions about beauty products! So without further ado, here are my “Sinful Makeup Products”…..

*mystical 90s transition music*.


What is your most expensive product? What is your most inexpensive product?

So I was trying to figure out this, but I definitley think this is my most expensive beauty product. Of course it is the beautiful Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette! It may be the most expensive, but it is definitely value for money! It has the perfect mix of Matte and shimmer and a lovely array of colours!

Now I didn’t know if this was a “minor” cheat. So BeautyBay has an offer about 6 months ago, where if you spent £40 on Jeffree Star, you got a free Dark Horse Skin Frost. So yep, you can’t get it any cheaper than free right? But it was quite possibly the best freebie ever, and I would have totally paid full price for this product if I knew I was going to love it as much as it is. Dare I say it is possibly the favourite product of the year? Did I just say that!!! But I was aware that if this was a cheat product, my runner up inexpensive product is the Ps… Angled Blending Brush as I got this for 50p! Again. BARGAIN!


What is your love/hate beauty product? What makeup product was the hardest to get?

My love/hate makeup product is definitley moisturiser. I have very dehydrated skin, which can come out in dry patches, especially around my mouth. What I love about it, is obviously the benefits of what it does to my skin! And I do notice when I don’t use it. What I hate about it, is that it takes up precious time in a morning! Especially as I need very hydrating products because of my dry skin, so it takes a lot longer to sink in. But don’t skip moisturising…it’s not worth it!

Oh my god, I think it took me 7 months of MAC visits to get my hands on Brave. I was dying to try this product as it was described as the most perfect deep rose nude shade! And you know what, even though it took that long, it was well worth the wait! I have a full review of this product that I will link here:



What is your most delicious beauty product?

Oh. My. God. Now I have eczema prone lips. So I get beyond chapped lips. But this saves me life when they are going through the flakey stage! It picks up all the flakes, and makes them disappear. But what makes it so delicious? Not only does it smell like the sweetest bubblegum but it also is made from sugar….so you scrub scrub scrub. And then lick it off!! Apply lip balm and you get the softest lips!! It is lush!


What beauty product do you neglect?

Facial wash…I have the driest skin, so the thought of a wash makes my skin cry silently. The feeling my skin gets after using a facial wash, is a tight sting. It’s vile. And it really doesn’t do what I want my skin to do. So I normally cleanse with an oil or a balm. I find it nourishes my skin a hell of a lot more and has a far more beneficial impact on my skin. I don’t even own a facial wash…other than samples. That’s how much I neglect it haha!


What beauty product gives you the most confidence?

So long as I have a bit of concealer and eyebrows I will be happy to go out and about. They give me a lot of confidence especially because my eyebrows are so fair naturally! I feel like they frame my face. So my eyebrows definitely give me the most confidence. To do this I use my trusty Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in (Hazel) and then apply MAC Charcoal Brown with my MAC 266 brush. These two are a match made in heaven. I also really like using Omega…but I’m currently out of that! 


What feature do you find most attractive on a partner?

Now you may find this extremely weird, but I know people who are similar. I have a weird thing for a man with a strong, broad…maybe even crooked nose. I find it very masculine and that is what I find so sexy! Alan Rickman has THE best nose. And the best looks…let’s be real. The younger Alan Rickman films give me the heart eyes!! And Hans Gruber sums up my ultimate appearance for a man!! That may be weird to you…but I can’t help it! 

*note the loss of Alan Rickman last year is still a sensitive topic for me*

*insert an immense amount of crying faces*


What beauty product would you most like to receive as a gift?

Surely I can’t be th only person that inwardly (and involuntarily outwardly) cringes when someone buys you a present. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful that someone would have gone out of their way to do that for me. But I always feel so guilty and so bad…but now that is backstepping the question….so alas…I must answer. If I was to receive a gift that I normally don’t justify spending my own money on, that would be special. And for me that is perfume. I love perfume. And have only just gotten into the world of it. For my 21st my sister bought me Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy and oh my god. This is incredible!! So sweet and literally Juicy. It is lush. And the fact she noted that I hadn’t ever bought a high end perfume, and went out of her way to do that for me, made me so grateful. And only cringed briefly.

I hope you found this interesting. This was really fun to write…it helped to be able to find the sexiest Hans Gruber picture too *drools*. ANYWAY…let me know if you have any other tags you would like me to do! They are so fun to write!

Thank you for reading!! 

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