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Rose Gold and Copper tones are literally the colour of the season! Not that I am complaining, I freaking love it!! Whether it be in home decor to smearing the colour all over my face, it is just divine! So I thought it would be a really cool idea to show you my Rose Gold statement pieces. Now I would say you don’t have to wear all of these together…but I want my face to look like a Michael Kors watch…so I am and will wear it all together! 

Now this may not be everybodies cup of tea. But I feel like the luckiest penny!! I am in love with this look! I have felt rubbish for the past couple of months (a lot has gone on in my personal life). But I felt confident. And it was a great feeling. I am a lovely of all things warm on my face. And it is the perfect mix of terracotta and rosey pink! Two colours I love to wear! But in comparison to my orange based smokey eyes. This is fairly neutral for me! But I absolutely love this look, and love these products. And most of these are fairly inexpensive! Which makes this look even more awesome!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost “Peach Goddess”

Flormar Terracotta Blush-On “Pink Bronze”

That shimmer! Inserting the biggest heart eyes here!!!!! Now sometimes a Matte Blush works, and I love them. But if I’m going to be wearing rose Gold, I want all the shimmer!! And these two products do that in bucket loads. I used my Real Techniques Blush Brush and swirled it into the delectable marble of the Flormar Blush! And built the shade up as a Bronzer Blush combo, so applied it to the majority of my cheeks. Now if I normally bronze, I do with a Matte. Or I use my Jeffree Star Dark Horse, but I use that higher up. But again, this is Rose Gold Royalty. So imma cover my whole god damn cheek with this stunner!! 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo (Pink Gold)

MAC Eyeshadows (Expensive Pink, Coppering, Brown Script)

Teensy bit of the Peach Goddess on the inner corners and brow bone! 

If you have green or brown eyes these colours will make your eyes pop in the most beautiful way! It really bought out the yellow in my eyes! To get this look I applied an even coat of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo, just over the lid, and blending it into the crease. I then with a flat Eyeshadow brush, packed on Expensive pink all over the eyelid. The duochrome is a pale gold, running through a deep rose shade. It is stunning! Then with a fluffy blending brush, I blended Brownscript into the crease, and blending it into Expensive Pink. Brownscript is a Matte2 so it is mega pigment! So a little goes a long way. It is the perfect Warm Brown shade! Finally with a pencil brush I added Coppering under the eye. This colour on green eyes…my GOD!! Then with a clean pencil brush, applied a touch of Peach Goddess on my inner corner and brow bone. If you don’t like shimmer, probably steer clear of this look. But I thought it looked super fancy! Flick of mascara and you are good to go!

This lipstick though!!! Mega heart eyes!! It is quite possibly the most hydrating, comfortable Liquid Lipstick I have ever used. Like it almost feels moisturising! Only problem I had was fear it was going to get everywhere. But if you’re careful it is okay! I mean I had a chunk of bread with my lunch, and was surprised how well it stayed on! It is literally like liquid rose gold! And could be worn with very minimal eye makeup and a bit of bronzer. Or go the whole hog and wear it with a deep smokey eye for extra va va voom! On pale skin it works a treat, but I can imagine it would work well for every skin tone! Seriously worth having in your collection. And it is fairly inexpensive too! 

This look literally made me feel a million dollars….or 24K! I think it is a perfect autumn look! And a great way to transition from summer bronzed Goddess to sultry rose golden babe! You will be the cutest lucky penny!! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my go to Rose Gold gems! It isn’t just for home decor….you can also wear it in your face. I love how it is so on trend at the minute!

Thank you for reading!! 

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