Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette Series #5 | Johnson, Hung, Abdul, Singh

I love when I get a new palette and put shades that wouldn’t normally be put together, and turn it into a look of it’s own. And I loved how this went from a cool toned grey up to a warm tan! Mixing up the warmth of the look, the further up to the brow! It. Was very fun. And on my green eyes, looked really cool! 

I started the look with a cream base, this time I used MAC Painterly. I then applied Singh with a large fluffy brush into the crease and slightly onto the lid. I then packed Hung onto the eyelid corner to corner. And then blended Hung into Singh until I got a seamless blend. Then with a pencil brush, I added a bit of coolness and depth to the look with Johnson! Just along the lash line. Gives a little drama! I like it! To make it look less like I’ve gone from deep blue grey to beige purple, I’ve blended the two colours with a touch of Abdul! Then with a mix of the cooler powders, I blended the edges. And then did the same again with Singh. Finally I line the lower lashline with Johnson, leaving the outer third blank!

Bit more of a grungy look. This look would look really cool a bit messier and less blending. Very 70s Punk inspired! Which I admire and love the makeup trends of that era! Maybe even some mascara dots on the lower lashline, to give it that grunge/worn look! May. It be everyone’s cup of tea. I love that though! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Be braver and wear it, it’s fun!! If you do go more punk with it PLEASE show me!! I love it! 

Thank you for reading!


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