HAUL | 4/09/17 | Beauty Bay

I have had a really rough few weeks. Leaving my place of work was a really difficult thing to do, but my health and wellbeing came first. And it is only temporary and I’ll find a new venue. So while I felt shit about things, I am now plunging myself into my blog because I love it so much. I find it so theraputic. And with that, and the fact I felt rubbish…retail therapy happens. So I thought I’d show you!

So I got sucked in with the special offers. And it started with the Gerard Metal Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I already have two, and I love them, so I wanted a couple more. Oh but they were only on sale!! So I got two of the shades I really wanted for a lot less! I’m going to do a full review on these babies because, my god, the longevity!! 

Then on the liquid lipstick genre…Jeffree Star. I had two colours, now that it is getting more autumnal that I thought would be gorgeous for this season. And my friend has Scorpio and it looked absolutely stunning on her! I just hope it looks as good on me! I am hopeful! The formula of these are so comfortable and so long wearing!

When I was in Berlin, I saw the Anastasia Beverley Hills pomade for €35!! I was so shocked! So when I saw this on Beauty Bay for £15 I was a lot more pleased with that price!! And I got the shade in Taupe which looked perfect for me! 

Brushes….I get sucked in with Morphe brushes!! The quality is exceptional and the price is so affordable! I got a few more brow brushes, for potential brow carving now I have a pomade! And a couple of finer pencil brushes so I can do more smudgey smokey lash lines…which I love to do on myself! And a really cut flat blending brush, because i was intrigued if it would make outer V blending on hooded eyes easier!

Finally I got a Z Palette. For when I travel…so I don’t have to borrow my mothers! But I will also have to tr and resist the space being filled with more Makeup Geek Eyeshadows. Control yourself Emily!!

I hope you found this fun to read. Hauls are probably my favourite videos to watch, and posts to read!

Thank you for reading!

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