FULL REVIEW | Urban Decay NAKED Foundation and Concealer

So I have used these products enough now to finally give my opinion. The concealer has been used a lot longer, but I’ve also been using them together for a few weeks now. And I have to say…I’m impressed! First off I love to concept of it looking like you have perfect natural skin! I’m not about the mask look, as I want to fake the look of “my skin is so flawless naturally I swear”. Even though secretly I don’t… *a single tear rolls down my cheek*

It might be somewhat pathetic but I love how these both match. The packaging is super simple but so effective. And so travel friendly! I love how it looks like a momma and a baby. I just think that is cute. Ignore me. 

The shade selection of the products are awesome. And I love how it says if they are warm, neutral or cool! I find that so useful as if I wear a product that is too pink, it accentuates my redness and doesn’t match my neck! Which I don’t want! I wear the shades 0.5 in my foundation and Fair Neutral for my concealer. And they work a dream for my complexion! They match it wonderfully, which if you want to replicate a flawless complexion…it’s gotta match! The finish is definitely Satin. Which is my ideal finish for a foundation! It provides good longevity but doesn’t feel drying or cakey!

I wore them both together and they even wore away harmoniously! They lasted fairly well, thanks to the more satin finish. And it was just around the nose that wore away more. My blush lasted really well with this foundation, and it was really good for blush, bronzer and highlight to adhere to! So that was a huge winner for me (love a strong blush!!)

Left – No Makeup

Middle – Foundation Only

Right – Foundation and Concealer 

My…god. It really does look like skin!! It didn’t hide my freckles but still covered any imperfections so well! The foundation I would say is a good medium coverage. But is lightweight and extremely comfortable on the skin! It sinks into the skin. Which some foundations have a hard time doing. But it is what gives you a “your skin but better” finish. It just evens out my skin tone so beautifully and covers up my redness a dream! I was very impressed!

The concealer I have worn for a good 8 months now. And to begin with I liked it but did struggle with a bit of creasing. But then I read this tip of taking your ring finger into your powder and pressing it under your eye, and it did eliminate the creasing, wonderfully! I used my NYX Stay Matte Not Flat to do that and it worked a treat! Even though this is neutral, it was very yellow based which I loved! It eliminated the blueness and darkness under my eyes a dream. But again, once powdered (properly), it does look like skin! It was illuminating yet doesn’t draw attention when covering blemishes! The happy medium! Not quite YSL Touche Eclat, but not Benefit Boing! I love them both, and this is like their love child! The coverage and texture together in this lush lightweight consistency!

All in all both products stand out well on their own, but together they harmonise together like twins! If you want your skin to just look refined and perfected then this is the product for you’ll I have drier skin, but due to its more Satin texture, combination/oily should work well for this too! I would just add a little more powder! 

I hope you found this interesting, let me know what you think about these products!

Thank you for reading! 

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