FIRST IMPRESSION | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Taupe)

I did it!! Yay me!! After using my Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil for years, I finally delved into the world of Pomade. I saw this in Berlin for €35! And I did not want to spend that much on it! So after a few weeks I looked on Beauty Bay and it was £15! So I thought that was much better considering I hadn’t tried a pomade (and it could have gone drastically wrong). 

Now my previous and only experience with Anastasia Beverly Hills was the Moonchild palette, which was a cult favourite for some people, but I think I must have gotten a bad one. I was not a fan. But as the packaging on that palette was so cheap, I was really surprised when this pot was glass! And it felt a worth the money. Very sleek, I was a huge fan of it! 

The texture of the product is lovely! Extremely Creamy to begin with. So if you are new to this world of pomade, it applies on the Eyebrow pretty darn quickly and easily, so a little goes a long way! Don’t do what I did, load it up and then BAM have to get a makeup wipe and start again! It is a beautiful texture, and sticking to the same brow product for so long, it was different. The quality was way up there. So impressed!! 

Take two!! (Hold head in shame). When I used a lot less product, it worked a dream!! It blends effortlessly so if you like the start of your eyebrows faded like I do, this is perfect! Use a light hand, as like I said, this stuff is pigmented! It is a grey based somis a lot more flattering and neutral. It took a little bit of getting used to as I am used to a warmer brow colour, having warm undertones to my hair. But it does look a lot more neutral

It works well in a single flick motion, to the the sharpest affect. But you can also do it in light feathery to get the hair like texture. But my eyebrows are so fair, it ends up looking very strange on me! I like the framed look, personally. But both looks are doable, I would just use a finer brush for hair strokes! I used a Morphe MB32 and that worked great for carving out the perfect brows! 

And this is how the finished brow looked! You can see the difference. When I started running my eyebrows ended up bleaching I. The sun they were already very fair but now they are almost translucent! So they need a lot of work to look like I actually have eyebrows!! I used my staple MAC Charcoal Brown on my MAC 266 brush. I am still yet to find a Morphe dupe for this brush. Nothing lives up to it. So I think it is definitley worth the investment!

And these are my finished brows!! I feel like my eyebrow game has stepped up another level. And I am very impressed! It takes a little bit of time to get used to. But the overall affect you get makes in incrediblely worth being patient! Anastasia Beverly Hills have redeemed themselves, and I can totally understand the hype of this product. And now I know how much I like it, I think it is well worth the money too! 

I hope you found this interesting to read!! Let me know how this product worked for you!!

Thank you for reading! 

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