MAC Lipstick Swatch/Review #10 | Chili

This colour is the newest addition to my collection. And oh lawd…the heart faces are all over this beauty! This is like the most perfect 1920s red! And it is so so so flattering. It is like a mix of a deep burgundy and burnt orange. And on warmer complexions it will look phenomenal. But guess what…on pasty little gremlins like myself…it still looks pretty darn good!! It is a Matte finish, but I had to double check the finish of this because when I applied it, it went on so Creamy and buttery. It was immensely comfortable and it did not feel like a Matte. But once dried down, it looks Matte…and I loved it! I would recommend this for ladies with a warmer complexion. As it may potentially wash those out with a cooler undertone. How I would tackle this if this was for sure the colour you wanted to wear, would be plenty of bronzer and a touch of Blush to add warmth and life to the face. Then the colour won’t drown out the colour on your face and you can still rock a gorgeous red lip!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!! Let me know what you think of this colour! Is this your perfect red?

Thank you for reading!! 

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