FULL REVIEW | Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

So I have built up my collection of these over the past year or so…and safe to say I am very much a fan. I started with just three and gradually…the collection expanded. And I am pretty chuffed with my collection right now!

So I first heard of these from my friend who showed me a few of hers (including Watermelon Soda and Dreamhouse) and I was so amazed with them I think that afternoon I started my collection. The colours I went for were Pumpkin Pie, Celebrity Skin and Androgyny. And then th  next day they came and I tried one one immediately. The formula GLIDES onto the lips with KAPOW pigmentation. And then as it dries it turns to a Matte finish. It is a very comfortable Matte, and I actually find these way more comfortable than MAC Lustre Lipsticks! I can even get away with wearing these on dry lip days. If you guys don’t know, I get rlly bad eczema on my mouth, so struggle with certain lip formulas. But these I have had no problem with! It doesn’t cling to my dry patches, majorly. It is the perfect thickness, where it costs the lip with pigment and moisture but doesn’t feel sticky or tacky. And then when it dries it doesn’t feel like it is going to crack! It is probably my favourite texture of a liquid lipstick! There, I said it.

These are not entirely transfer proof. But they last so well. I have quite full lips. So when these wear off, only the centre seems to disappear. So the neat edges that I spent AGES on, remain flawless! So I can reapply it without needing immense concentration! I find the brighter colours, such as Anna Nicole and Masochist last a lot longer than the more wearable shades. Unsure whether this is because they stain. But I had two very long days and one day I wore Anna Nicole and then wore Masochist on another. And I looked in the mirror throughout the day and didn’t need to even apply a touch of it. It was perfect! I was so impressed. I normally avoid bright lipsticks for the very reason of the longevity not being enough. But this makes me so more into wearing the brighter colours now!!

Just look at those colours!! All of these were just one swipe! Did you look? Well take another look!! Heart eyes are majorly occurring right now! My personal favourites of these are Pumpkin Pie, Leo and Rose Matter. 

Pumpkin Pie has the most unique formula, a deep burnt orange Matte Liquid lipstick…but it has a mix of hot pink and baby pink shimmers throughout it!! So gives a little something extra! And I wore it on a night out, and again, I didn’t even need to reapply it! And even when you wipe it off or it wears off you are left with the shimmer. Put a bit of Balm over your lips, and it looks like a shimmery lipgloss!! Gorgeous!! Chrysanthemum does xactly the same, but with it being paler, it is a lot more subtle. Baby pink with rose gold and bright gold shimmers! It’s so pretty!

Leo. Oh my god Leo. It is the most perfect deep warm nude. If I had to sum up my favourite lip colour, and I could only wear one lip colour for the rest of my life. It would be Leo! It would go with all of my favourite eye looks, all of my favourite blushes. It literally goes with all of my favourite looks. You can wear it as a statement Lip and a peachy nude Eyeshadow look. Or you can do a dramatic burgundy look and it will look like a nude! It is just perfect! Hence why it deserves to be centre stage. 

Rose Matter is the most wearable pink shade for my complexion. I have skin with a yellow undertone, so yellow based pinks work best for me. Nowadays everyone wants blue toned pinks due to the instant brightening affect. But they just don’t suit me as well of yellow based pinks. MAC do a lipstick called Fanfare, and before this it was my perfect pink lipstick. But due to its Creamy texture, the longevity isn’t quite as long wearing, so it wouldn’t last all day. Now Rose Matte lasts me through a whole work day! No reapplication needed! My perfect most flattering pink! I love it!!!

Now that doesn’t mean that the other shades featured here aren’t equally as lovely!! The ones I have mentioned are just my most used and favourite. Over the past couple of years I have searched for the perfect bright pink lip that doesn’t look weird on me. Again a lot of them are blue toned. Now Masochist is a quite neutral and not majorly blue or yellow toned! And my quest for finding the perfect bright pink was conquered! I was taking party in a charity event and it took about 12 hours! And through eating and drinking, I didn’t even need to reapply it! It was flawless! Scorpio, is probably the coolest tone I own, but even though it has a grungy grey based undertone, it is still very flattering! It can look both purple and taupe depending on which eyeshadows and blushes you pair it with! Celebrity Skin is just a perfect nude. It’s the one I reach for when I want to play it safe and have something on my lips but not have it as my main feature of the day! Androgyny is a perfect 1920s lip colour. It looks very vintage and classy! And finally Anna Nicole is gorgeous. I just can’t quite decide whether it is orange or red. It is th happy medium! And it, like Masochist did not need reapplication through a 10/12 hour day! Crazy stuff! 

I hope you found this interesting to read!! Let me know what your favourite shade of Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks are! I’ll try not to be tempted!!

Thank you for reading!! 

13 Replies to “FULL REVIEW | Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks”

  1. Ooh, these look nice! I currently just have one liquid lip from J* – No Tea No Shade, which is a purple/brown metallic hybrid and which I totally only bought because I love Drag Race 😀 I also ordered a couple of his summer shades last year, but ended up getting rid of them, because they did not look good on me. I may need to look into Androgyny or Scorpio at some point though!


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