Product Wars | MAC Pro-longwear Paint Pot VS Maybelline Colour Tattoo

You guys are probably aware that my go to cream bases for any of my Eyeshadows are the MAC Paint pots in Lainterly and Soft Ochre. But I was browsing around boots and saw….dupes. That’s right…and for a fraction of the price! So I purchased them both so I could see how they compared to each other. And to potentially see if I can save you guys some money!

Top- Maybelline Colour Tattoos (Creme De Rose, Creme De Nude).

Bottom- MAC Prolongwear Paint Pot (Painterly, Soft Ochre)

So as you can see they are very similar. The MAC ones I purchased first, as I had seen them online, and just loved what they did! These are a Matte finish, and are Cream bases used to allow your eyeshadows to have something to adhere to. They retail for £16 each for 5g of product. They are a lovely quality, and a rich texture that coats the lid with a perfect base for a multitude of eyeshadows! I personally prefer Soft Ochre as it matches me skin tone better, and is perfect for my warmer looks which I wear more frequently. But Painterly is perfect for any mauve or taupe based looks that I enjoy wearing. So together, you have th perfect team. So when purchasing them, I thought they were very much worth the price. 

So a couple of weeks ago. I was strolling through boots to find that Maybelline were selling almost identical looking cream Eyeshadows. So I was keen to compare them! These retail for £5.99 each for 4.4g of product. The texture of these were slightly thicker in texture but not in a bad way. Whereas the MAC ones melted slightly with the warmth of your skin, these seemed to very much act like a gel-cream that sets and lasts for a hell of a long time! They do have more longevity in them than the MAC ones. Now I’m not saying the MAC ones don’t last, as they do. They last for around 8 hours until there is some wear and tear. But these almost have a shell film over them once placed on the lid. And can last for 10+ hours! I feel like these ones could last on your eyelid on their own, fairly well. Whereas I think the MAC Paint pots will crease if they are not set with a powder over the top. How long it will take until creasing, I’m unsure. But how the melt on your finger with the warmth of your body temperature, I think it wouldn’t be too long until they did disperse. The Maybelline ones, thank to this thicker texture and shell like “setting” feature could certainly last on their own!

Top – Maybelline Colour Tattoo (Creme De Rose, Creme De Nude)

Bottom – MAC Paint Pot (Painterly, Soft Ochre ) 

As you can see the difference between MAC Soft Ochre and Maybelline Soft Ochre is practically undetectable. The undertone, the finish is identical. However Maybellines Creme De Rose is slightly mauvier in colour than MAC Painterly, which is certainly more beige. So colour wise they do have differences, but in terms of purpose and what colours I use them with, they are extremely similar! And once eyeshadows are on, you can’t tell which is Which! Even when they are on the eye they aren’t obviously different!

Can you tell which is which?? 

Go on, I’ll tell you!

Left – Maybelline Creme De Rose

Right – MAC Painterly

As you can see, on the eye you really cannot tell which is which! Even alone! I genuinely prefer the texture of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo as it is thicker and feels like it is going to allow eyeshadows to adhere to it better; which it does! In terms of which allows eyeshadows to blend better or look most pigmented, there is no difference visibly or during application. They are identical. The only difference in these two is that one lasts a few hours longer. But everything else has great similarities! So I would recommend saving your money because you won’t get anything fancier by paying an extra tenner! 

Another guessing game? Got your answers?

I’m so predictable! I did the same on the other eye!

Left – Maybelline Creme De Nude

Right – MAC Soft Ochre 

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