Dancing To Glamour Series #1 | Argentine Tango

So there I as, watching Strictly Come Dancing and was inspired. I am going to do a Dance Series. So do a look that encapsulates, to me, what the dance is all about. I’ve done dancing all throughout my life. Ballet at a young age, and then contemporary, and a whole mix of other styles throughout school. We did a show that was “Dance Through The Ages” so we did 60s/70s/80s and it was so much fun. So I know a fair bit about the art of choreography. And hope to portray this in various looks that I feel sum the dance up visually!

I wanted to infuse the look with Latin fire. It is quite possibly my favourite dance of them all. And I’m hoping to be taking lessons in it soon too. It’s so intricate and sultry and allows the woman to almost lead the dance, which normally never happens! The best Argentine Tango I ever saw, was Vincent Simoné and Flavia Cacacae in their live show The Midnight Tango. There were areas where you forgot to breathe it was so intense! It was just exquisite! The epitome of drama!

So I started the look with a base. This time I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creme De Rose. I then applied the Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Beaches and Cream all over the lid. All Eyeshadows used in this look are Makeup Geek. Then with the crease, I worked in Creme Brule, as a transition colour. I then applied Mango Tango on the inner half of the lid as a base for the look.  I then applied Fairytale to the outer half and blending it up into the crease and into Mango Tango. Then where both the colours meet, I packed a mix of the two colours with a flat shader brush for a more seamless blend. Then with a small tapered crease brush, I started blending Taboo into the outer V and smoking it out into a more cat eye shape. This gave the drama to the look that the Argentine Tango. I then blended Mango Tango away from Taboo to give a smooth blend of warmth. Then with a pencil brush, I lined my lower lash line with Taboo, quite heavily. And then with a mix of Fairytale and Mango Tango, I blended it out for a smokey, sultry look. Finally I applied Phantom in the inner corner. Applied some false eyelashes because, it is the Argentine Tango! It needs lashes! And that is the finished look!

I hope you enjoyed this first post and look forward to seeing more of these posts! During the Strictly Come Dancing Season!

Thank you for reading!!

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