FULL REVIEW | Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo

Where do I begin….I’m not even lying when I say I have used these for years. I had my first one when I was 15…I’m now 21. And that was Eternal Gold. And I can’t bear to throw it away because (I’m pathetic)  I mean….sentimental value and that…

When they first came out they were all the rage and they have maintained their status with their shade and finish selection to be so vast now! From Frost, duochrome to the creamiest of mattes. And I’m not going to lie…I prefer the texture of these to the higher versions. The longevity is better and the way eyeshadows apply over these is gorgeous. Smooth and pigmented, and they blend a dream. It is really is all about that base.

If you haven’t guessed I have quite the array and have got these from all over the world! Berlin,  Madrid and the UK! The texture of these is thick but creamy and then they set, and when I say they do not budge, I mean they do not budge. Even without setting it with an eyeshadow! My person favourites are Permanent Taupe and Creamy Beige which I wore to death! They provide such ease in a time constrained morning routine!

The metallic/duochrome shades are intensely pigmented! Even Eternal Gold which ive had nearly 5 years…still swatches beautifully. They have a slightly chunkier glitter to them which some people may not like, but being a glitter and sparkle fiend, I love it! the shade Mauve Crush…holey moley. It is this silver, lilac shade but has this pink glitter though it. I kind of want to just put it all over my save…too much? And Pink Gold is the most perfect rose gold shade for autumnal days where you want to look cosy and glowing!

No I’m not going to lie…the mattes are my personal favourites! They are creamy enough to melt with the warmth of your finger, but have enough tack to allow Eyeshadows to adhere to it and last ALL DAY. And I mean ALL DAY! I went through a phase of wearing Creamy Beige and Mac Eyeshadow Omega EVERY day! And it was effortless and quick but still giving some form of dimension to my eyes! The newer additions to my collection are the Creme de Rose and Creme De Nude and I genuinely prefer these to my MAC ones. Not only price wise, but they are slightly thicker I. Texture and really coat the lid with true opacity! Permanent Taupe is a really sultry shade too. It’s quite deep but very cool. I wore this with MAC eyeshadow Scene and Copperplate and it looked LUSH! Made my green eyes pop…and even made me put down my warm shades for a brief moment!

All in all for a fiver….these are top quality cream eyeshadows! The quality of higher end but the price is minimal!! Highly highly recommend! I won’t repurchase my MAC ones now I have these, it seems pointless when the cheaper alternative performs so well!

I hope you found this interesting!, let me know which colours you like best. For a while I was tempted with the Pomegranate shade…but I think it was discontinued!

Thank you for reading!

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