MAC Lipstick Swatch/Review #11 | Freckletone

Now if I was only ever allowed to have one lipstick in the whole wide world…this would be it. I absolutely love that it is both orange and nude. It is so far from peach…peach is too pink! It is orange/nude if ever such a thing existed. I find this lipstick goes with almost all of my looks that I go for. If I go for warm burnt orange look, it goes with its orange tones. But if I went for a mauve based look, it would just look like a warm nude! It is so versatile, and I really don’t think this colour gets enough credit. It is a Lustre finish so if you have dry lips, be warmed, it does cling to dry patches due to the slide it gives. I do have eczema prone lips, so it might be less uncomfortable for “normal” chapped lips. People might steer clear from this because of how orange it can look, fearful that it won’t be flattering. But I think it is! But even if it isn’t…if you like it, wear it, and own it! It’s all about what you like! And if you like it, wear it! Plus…Freckletone…what an adorable name!

I hope you found this useful! Do you have similar colours to this that you recommend?

Thank you for reading!!

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