Product Wars | Highstreet Makeup Removers

I feel like I am on this constant quest. I have to wear waterproof mascara because my eyelashes are so straight. They grow downwards so I have to curl my eyelashes and then apply my mascara. I use waterproof mascara because it holds a curl. Analogy time. Non waterproof mascaras are water based, or “Aqua” as they put it! Now if you think about your hair, when you add water to just curled hair…it flattens. It does exactly the same to my eyelashes. Now if you curl your hair and apply oil…it enhances and holds the style. So again….it does the same to your eyelashes. It holds the curl as it coats the lashes!

So I have tried and tested four of the most popular skincare brands versions. And I have chosen ones that have been recommended for waterproof mascara users. Which I am unsure if they were entirely trustworthy due to my experiences, but here we go. I thought I would do a score based version based on attributes one would look for in a makeup remover!

Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water

Full Removal | 1/5

Ease of Removal | 1/5

Hydration | 2/5

Sensitivity | 5/5

Price | 4/5

Now this is definitley the worst one that I tried. It did not want to budge my mascara or eyebrow Pomade even with vigorous rubbing. However, it did feel like I was cleansing my skin with something as gentle as water. So if I am having a day where i am just wearing minimal makeup without mascara, this would be perfect as it removes foundation a dream. And I am not left with irritation or spots!

Garnier Oil Infused Cleansing Water

Full Removal | 4/5

Ease of Removal | 5/5

Hydration | 5/5

Sensitivity | 4/5

Price | 2.5/5

Now this is definitley my favourite one. But it is just a shame that it is the one that costs the most. I mean you can shop around and get it on a good deal, but it is pricey especially for how long it lasts if I don’t have other ones for minimal makeup days. But, it is lush! The fact this is an oil based product, leaves my dehydrated skin screaming with joy! Literally…you can hear them! Also with it being oil based, it makes removing my waterproof makeup a dream. I mean I still have to rub it off my lashes. But it is a little less abrasive!

PS… Eye Makeup Remover

Full Removal | 5/5

Ease of Removal | 4/5

Hydration | 3/5

Sensitivity | 0/5

Price | 5/5

Holy moly I was impressed and traumatised with this product. It literally melted my makeup off, entirely. Waterproof mascara and all. But my god, this product stings so much. I don’t know whether my sensitive skin is just delicate but my god. And I double checked, but this is supposed to be for them as well as the face! And it burns! And also around my mouth and nose! If I want a quick removal then I will reach for this, but then I regret it entirely because I’m left feeling like I have rubbed my face with sandpaper. In fact that is probably less painful. It works…so so so well. I even thought that I was using too much, so applied just dribble on a pad, and the same happened. I just wish I could tolerate the stinging! And I have a pain threshold…heavily tattooed, endometriosis has served me well with pain tolerance. But my god. Not a fun process of taking off my makeup.

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

Full Removal | 3/5

Ease of Removal | 2/5

Hydration | 2/5

Sensitivity | 5/5

Price | 4/5

Similar to the Nivea, it does genuinely feel like I’m removing my skin with water, so my skin feels no aggravation or sensitivity. But the product does pack more of a punch than the Nivea one. It does remove most of my makeup. Eventually. It just takes a lot of rubbing and it leaves my eyes feeling quite sore from all of the rubbing. Which makes me scared that I will loose eyelashes!! Nooo! But the way it removes my facial makeup is wonderful! I wouldn’t be able to go without moisturising my skin with this product, but with how my face feels (I.e. calm and no abrasion) it is worthwhile of purchasing! My go to makeup remover for no mascara makeup days!

Honourable mentions to The Body Shop Chamomile range! The cleansing oil, balm and the waterproof lip and eye makeup remover. They work beautifully, leave my skin so hydrated and I’m not left with a smidge of makeup left! They would ave had their own mention but they are slightly more expensive than these, and I am currently out of two of these products! I might do a full blog post on these when I repurchase them all (they do a set that saves you money around Christmas time! A “to me, you’re the best, love me present”)

Well I hope,you found this useful and interesting for your quest of makeup removal. I would like to try more higher end ones eventually, but sadly my budget is still not quite stretching just yet! The Clarins and Clinique ones will eventually be mine!!

Thanks for reading!

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