FULL REVIEW | Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Metallic Matte Liquid Lipstick

So the metallic lip trend is very in at the minute. But having quite full lips I was unsure how it would look and if it would look a bit OTT! So I bought a couple of these to see if they would work. On a whim. But oh my goodness. I fell in love!

Let’s begin with the scent of these. Oh my goodness….they are divine. I can’t tell if it is fruity or vanilla…but it for sure smells edible! And when it dries it even has a nice taste to it! The texture of these is equally as divine. Exceptionally light weight but full impact in pigmentation. The lighter shades are best applied with two coats, but again with such a lightweight formula, it still feels like next to nothing. And it dries to a comfortable, flexible matte finish! To the point where I forget I have anything on my lips!Analogy time. I went to the dentist wearing the deep plum shade Underworld. I could not get this sucker off! And then my dentist tried to wipe it off too. Nothing. I went through the hole Scale and Polish appointment and left and my lips were still impeccable!! So when I say these are longwearing. They are freaking long wearing!! The deeper shades Underworld and Double Shot are more longwearing than the lighter shades. But that is to be expected! And with how comfortable they are, then reapplying isn’t a hardship!

Just looking at these beautiful shades makes me so happy! And in comparison to other Liquid Lipstick brands they are pretty darn cheap! I don’t think I paid any more than £5 for each of these! Dream Weaver is the most perfect nude with a little something special (shit loads of sparkle). Fuzzy Navel is a great illuminating peachy pink and gives my dull skin life again! Extremely flattering! Double Shot….probably my favourite and most worn! It is a classic brown…but has a greeny gold duochrome. Can you wear duo chrome on your lips?The answer is YES YES YES! I love it! And finally Underworld…when you want to feel a bit sultry and vampire-esque, this is BEYOND perfect! It is this deep muted plum but has a gorgeous pink duochrome to it! It is stunning! And the fact it lasted through my dentist appointment gives it an extra point!

All in all I think these are the best metallic Liquid Lipsticks on the market…and quite possibly the best formula of Liquid Lipsticks I have ever used. They are so comfortable! I urge any of you ladies wanting to rock the metallic lip trend…to try these out! Simply sublime!

Thank you for reading!


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