Products I Regret Buying #1 | MAC, Givenchy, Anastasia Beverly Hills

This post genuinely fills me with sadness. I am very good with my money and do so much research into products! So if I am going to commit to buying a product then I want to make sure it will work so I don’t feel guilty with wasting my money. But sadly these did not work for me. And I’m not saying they suck and NO ONE will ever be able to use them, they simply did not work for me! And it isn’t slating the brand, as the brands of these products are firm favourite of mine! It was just a couple of duds.

The first product is Moonchild by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Now I know so many people absolutely love this, so I think I just got one from a bad batch. I love other items from this brand so was surprised when I didn’t get on with this! And I spoke to a friend who used a similar website to buy beauty products and found that her highly raved about purchase was dry and crumbly. So maybe it was the way they store their products or if they are selling old batches. I’m unsure. All the colours looked the same, they were chunky and flaky. They didn’t blend and certainly wasn’t worth the £39 I spent! I have done a full review of this product which is negative but just goes into a little more depth, so I shall link this here:

The next product I didn’t get on with was MAC Pearl Matte Face Powder in Pink Buttercream. I saw it swatched and fell in love. But the one I got was just ghastly. Didn’t blend. Or swatch well at all. I think it was a tester too as all the colours has swirled together. And it just didn’t do anything. I don’t know if the MAC lady missold me a tester. But I was pretty gutted!

The comes a huge disappointment. I absolutely loved the Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara, so I thought the one in the black packaging, the Lucious one, would be comparable. It was the driest, clumpiest I have ever used. It wasn’t even useable. I had to toss it. It gave me three very thick lashes. Stumpy and just disgusting! I had to restart the whole eye look again. Such a let down! Stick to the gem in the pink packaging! So much better! Don’t waste your money like I did!

These swatches make me cry! So disappointing!

The first one was the Givenchy Ombré Couture Cream Eyeshadow in Gold Bossom. It was awful. Chunky glitter, creased horrendously, leaving me with glitter all down my face! And I hoped that it would be better if I applied powder eyeshadow over it, but instead it disrupted the base so the eyeshadow left patchy and crumbly. Was so shocking from such a luxe brand!

The monly ideal was a (and it hurts me to say this!) a Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow in Mai Tai. And I tried, believe me I tried so hard to make it work. But it just didn’t apply on my eye at all. The pigment was crumbly and fell on my face instead of adhere to me eye. The duo chrome sounded lovely, a camel colour with a pinky/lilac duochrome. But just didn’t perform that way! Which was a shame!

Finally…a MAC Eyeshadow. Trax. Which swatched in the shop…gorgeously! A maroon based eyeshadow with gold shimmer running through it. But the eyeshadow was rock hard, and didn’t even transfer on the brush. So I thought it was one of those you had to apply with your finger, but it wouldn’t transfer on my finger either. It was just a very patchy, dry powder. But I have quite a few MAC Eyeshadows, it did surprise me that this was one was such a dud!

So these were products I certainly didn’t enjoy the fact I spent the money and didn’t get what I hoped for! So would advise you lovely people to save your money and maybe by some products that work a dream! Like other pieces I have recommended on this blog! I hope I have saved you some money and have found this useful!

Thank you for reading!!

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